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Since purchasing Amy’s products, I notice I’m  more clear headed overall – I don’t experience the brain fog throughout the day especially around 2 pm that I used to get. I also lost weight. I am not overweight and I did not begin this program with weight loss as a priority but it has been a great unexpected benefit!

With the PCOS products and overall life change I have more energy than I can ever remember having. I have not had any ovarian pain since I began back in August which is HUGE for both my family and myself. I also have not had one migraine since August. I never thought I’d see the day where I could say I have not had a migraine for over one month let alone almost one year. I’ve been to countless doctors and tried countless and very expensive migraine meds with no result aside from turning into a zombie. My entire family is shocked and astonished that I have not had a migraine as they had been a huge issue for me since elementary school.

I feel like I have an entirely new lease on life and can’t believe it was this simple. It has been a life change but I’m so grateful I stumbled upon it. My family has enjoyed every meal, snack and breakfast. I’ve tried new foods that I’ve never heard of that have all been enjoyable and I’ve enjoyed the occasional e-mails with additional recipes- the almond pancakes with raspberries have become a household favorite and it is such a quick breakfast to make!

The protein powder has the best texture, taste and quality ingredients that I can find anywhere. All the powders I had tried previously left a gritty texture and my husband would turn his nose up at each of my smoothies. The power greens is so helpful because I know I can always have quality greens in my smoothie without worrying if my spinach in the fridge has gone bad.

I decided to purchase PCOS Diva products because of the quality of ingredients. I had my mother in law over and she was very impressed by the quality and taste of the protein powder. Impressing her is not an easy feat! I also am always looking to try new protein bar recipes. I get tired of them quickly so it was nice to have a new one to try.

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