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You are truly God’s gift sent to us Diva’s, your Jumpstart program is phenomenal. Thank you for the daily quotes and the quotes on the Jumpstart Program page they really help as well.

It’s so funny on day 2, I was feeling low on energy, depressed, moody and grumpy, and you sent a quote on that and I started feeling better. I am also telling myself CANCEL CANCEL, because I use to do a lot of negative self talk, and I am also going to start telling myself in the mirror I love me and I am a diva.

As for the meal plan it’s truly amazing, I never enjoyed veggies as much as I have now, in fact my body craves it. (I am more in tune with my body than ever before) I love the smoothie, and all the meals. They make me so full.  So with this new eating lifestyle and exercising, I am dropping lots of weight  – what a difference in everyway.

I know with all my heart I am going to be a mum and have a healthy baby and I have to be healthy first.

After almost one year being on this difficult and challenging journey, I believe I have found the answer and end to my struggle  in your program.

Thank you greatly for embarking on this journey and for being so kind to share and help so many of us.

You have inspired me greatly to want to help and encourage woman not only with this challenge but with other challenges to, nothing is impossible it’s only possible when you try and you don’t give up.

I have learned that when you put yourself first, you are a happier, healthier person and all your loved ones get to enjoy you more and other people see the that confidence and humbleness as well.

So once again thank you greatly. – Shanelle


UPDATE from Shanelle June 2014

Since Jan 2014 when I joined the PCOS DIVA program it has helped me greatly because for the past 6 months my periods have been nothing but regular, I eat has healthy as I can the PCOS way, 3 meals and 2 snacks, lots of veggies and I drink lots and lots of water, my cravings  are so limited. I exercise 5 times a week doing cardio and weight training and wow I have dropped quite a bit of weight I weighed 91 kg’s when I first started but that’s  because I am big boned and tall you won’t say I weighed that much but it was not the right weight to be for my BMI after 8 months of training I think I am weighing around 75 to 80 kg my personal trainer thinks I dropped a lot more though lol.

I was so hung up on having a family it took me one year to heal from all that I have been through, now I just concentrate on me and my need and want to have a baby is not as great as before, hubby and I are not even planning any more, we are leaving it in Gods hands and most if all it will happened in his time for I have no desire to force Gods hand to bless us with a child as I don’t feel one bit good about it so we would like this to all happen in a natural way at the right time.

But I am loving myself, my skin is looking great clear and bright and I love that I am looking slimmer and now I make my clothes look great.

Hubby always teases me and says I am a real Diva lol

So I want to send you a great huge huge huge THANK YOU again for sharing your journey with us all and for helping us all I am grateful for you and you are truly a God send.

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