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Toni W.

“In one week, it’s possible to lay the foundation for the rest of your life”

PCOS Diva’s Jumpstart Program is a great way to begin a change in lifestyle. In just one week, you begin breaking bad habits and start creating a new, nourishing routine. Amy is available as well as other participants to provide fresh ideas and suggestions…or simply provide emotional support. This to me is one of the best benefits of the program! The Jump Start Program is equipped with tools that accommodate any schedule or personal preference, so you’re able to tailor it to best suit your lifestlye.

In one week, it’s possible to lay the foundation for the rest of your life. In just one week I felt stronger from making healthy choices for myself, not to mention I had tons of energy. During difficult times, I resort back to that week and what I learned so I can set myself back on a healthy, positive path. As Amy says, “small hinges swing big doors”….it’s all about taking that first step!

– Toni W.

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