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About PCOS Diva

You can live your best life and thrive with PCOS!

Amy-spring-2013-06Being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can be devastating. Not only are we experiencing the physical symptoms of PCOS, we also experience depression, anxiety, and if we are told we have infertility, we grieve over the children we long to have.

Each and every one of us can be a PCOS Diva! Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or have tried to manage PCOS symptoms on your own for a long time, I offer a positive and supportive environment for your Diva to thrive! Through healthy eating, meal planning, stress reduction and self-care, she can reclaim her fertility, femininity, health and happiness.

My name in Amy Medling, and not only am I a Certified PCOS Health Coach, I am a wife, and a mother of 3 children. I was not always a PCOS “Diva.”  I have managed my PCOS symptoms, and have already helped thousands of women manage their symptoms with my programs:

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My goal is to help women with PCOS live their best life and thrive. It’s time you found your inner PCOS Diva! Your Diva will discover that PCOS doesn’t have to slow her down, and she can live the life she has envisioned for herself, managing PCOS symptoms with ease.

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