Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome often feel pessimistic, confused, out of control, and helpless.

Good news! There is hope. You need not be a victim of PCOS. Thousands of women have reclaimed their health, and in overcoming their symptoms, found their true selves and best lives.

It is time for you to do the same. In no time, you will learn to manage your PCOS and thrive! Your first step toward taking control and transforming your life is to educate yourself about PCOS.

Start with my FREE PCOS 101 Guide to Health and Hope.

Like the butterfly,
I have the strength and hope to believe,
in time I will emerge from my cocoon...transformed

Choose Your Program and start transforming your life:

Food is Your Medicine

From breakfast to dinner with snacks in between, these done-for-you meal plans make eating to thrive a pleasure. Designed especially for women with PCOS, you will enjoy delicious foods while transforming your health.

Online Jumpstart

This innovative on-line program will help you get started eating right and nurturing your inner diva. Join the thousands of women who have found a better life with the Jumpstart Program.

Essential Products

PCOS Diva Supplements, Smoothie Powders and Protein Bars. Supplements and Smoothie Powders sourced from a highly respected and GMP certified nutraceutical company.  The Protein Bars are my own delicious recipe, made for you!


PCOS Diva is a choice. When you choose to be a Diva, you choose hope.

PCOS Diva is a commitment to yourself and to embracing the self-care, self-love and respect that you deserve.

PCOS Divas find health and inner balance by making choices about healthy eating, stress reduction, and self-care that lead to lasting, healing, and sustainable lifestyle change.

PCOS Diva offers a positive and supportive environment for your inner Diva to thrive, reclaiming your fertility, femininity, health, and happiness.

PCOS Diva is an opportunity to transform – experience the kind of change that expands your life in ways you can only imagine and live the life you are meant to live without PCOS holding you back.

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Thousands of women have already discovered their Diva, and are thriving with PCOS

“The habits that are encouraged through this Program are ones that help you to be kind to yourself in every way, to gently nourish your mind and body and to help you observe what works well for you so that you can do more of it.” – Lorna
“If you are considering participating in this Program in the future, I say take the leap! It’s so worth it! I now feel like I can do this. I know how to feel good and how to maintain that feeling in the future!” – Alexandra
“Why not try and let Amy help you get a better version of yourself out of its shell? The blossom is waiting to open inside all of us if we’ll allow it, and I feel Amy’s program is just the MiracleGrow to this process for women with PCOS. ” – Anne Marie

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