20 Minute Stress-free Holidays Meditation - PCOS Diva
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20 Minute Stress-free Holidays Meditation

Developed exclusively for PCOS Divas

We all know that stress affects our PCOS in a negative way. Staying calm and stress-free can be a challenge especially during the holidays but there are some specific things you can do to reduce stress and feel calm and grateful this season.

Hypnosis is one of those things and it works wonders! It is fast and gives immediate results. Hypnosis is a natural state that we are all in at certain times throughout the day. You can think of it as daydreaming, or that state you feel when you are just about to go to sleep and are very relaxed. It is at this moment our brains are more open to positive suggestions and this is where real and permanent change can happen.

This hypnosis recording is a special gift for you this holiday season and it will help you stay calm so you can handle anything that comes your way. This is a great gift to give yourself so that you can stay clear-headed and be able to take care of yourself while also enjoying this special time of year.


Developed by Sheena Ewing, MH.t Certified Master Hypnotherapist

Sheena0051ret-copy-1Sheena Ewing, MH.t  has been a certified master hypnotherapist since 2007.  She has trained extensively in the field of hypnotherapy and has also helped others obtain their hypnotherapy certifications.  She has also trained in NLP and Time Dynamics. She has learned from Tony Robbins and Matt Brauning since 2007 and has studied techniques that help create change in people quickly and effectively.
Sheena was diagnosed with PCOS in 2011 and knows exactly what women are going through.  She searched for a hypnotherapy program that she could use for her PCOS and hadn’t found a program that covers the different experiences women go through.  She decided that she needed to put together a program that will help women not only manage their PCOS but thrive and overcome the symptoms.  She is currently finishing this hypnosis program.  In addition to her training, she has owned several businesses and currently owns 3 companies along with her husband.  Sheena was married in 2009 and loves being able to work with her husband.  When Sheena is not working she loves to travel and cook.
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