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When I opened The PCOS Diet Plan by Hillary Wright M. Ed, RD, I expected the typical low-glycemic based diet book, but  what I  got instead was a whole lot more!  I wish this book was written 10 years ago when I first heard the words, “Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome”.  The first half of  The PCOS Diet Plan is dedicated to educating the reader about PCOS.  The book serves as a much-needed guide to help navigate the journey back to health.  Ms. Wright empowers you to be your own advocate and gives you the tools you need to insist upon the best medical care.

I believe strongly in the benefits of a holistic approach to treating PCOS.  Clean, whole foods (vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains and lean protein) exercise, supplements and self-care should be the cornerstone of a PCOS treatment plan.  Ms. Wright  shares this goal, “to help you manage your health and hormones as naturally as possible through diet and lifestyle change.”  She believes as I do that,  “medication can never compensate for a lousy diet and sedentary lifestyle – that is, you can’t take meds instead of making diet and lifestyle changes and expect to get the optimal  results from the medications.”

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However, I  am surprised that Ms. Wright  titled her book “The PCOS Diet Plan”, when throughout the book she indicates that she is anti “diet”.  She states in her introduction, “One important point to keep in mind throughout this book: learning to take better care of your health is not about “dieting.” It’s about modifying your behavior to incorporate lifelong healthy habits, while occasionally enjoying things that diets often tell us are forbidden.”  Wellness isn’t about a following a restrictive diet but rather  integrating a sustainable holistic lifestyle plan.

Ms. Wright shares lots of wisdom, tips and strategies in the second half of The PCOS Diet Plan, which lays out a carbohydrate counting program.  To be honest, this diet would not be very sustainable for me because I hate the thought of daily counting carbs.  I like to take the approach of  eliminating processed carbohydrates and just eating complex whole grains with lean protein at every meal and snack and not worry about carb counting.  However, it may be just the thing for someone else to help establish a healthy eating plan.   The only  issue I take with the diet is that Ms. Wright allows sugar-free products.  I strongly feel that chemicals like asparatame have no place in a PCOS diet program.

Ms. Wright states, “Having PCOS  may be the best excuse in the world for you to finally work on changing any unhealthy habits and routines.”  Who knows where I would be today, if I hadn’t been pushed by PCOS to hit the road to heath.   If you have been diagnosed with PCOS it is critical to become educated and take control of your health and The PCOS Diet Plan is a great place to start.

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  1. Thanks for the review Amy. So glad you found the book helpful. I’d like to point out that for anyone that might find the carb counting part overwhelming or unnecessary I advise in the book to stick with the “balanced Plate” information outlined in Chapter 4. For many people that’s all they need, along with some attention to the timing of their eating and regular exercise. I so believe in your philosophy of “food as medicine” and that nature generally knows best 🙂


    1. Thanks Hillary – I think the balanced plate approach is so intuitive and really works. You are right – timing is so important too. I waited too long to have breakfast this morning and got a bit hypoglycemic. I felt like tackling my husband for some of his peanut butter toast!

  2. Thank you for this book review. I emailed the link to my good friend who has PCOS but is overwhelmed with what she needs to do to begin to get healthy. Living with a husband and son who are very picky eaters doesn’t help her much either. I hope this book inspires her. Love your website and all you do <3

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