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Bridge to Baby – Support for PCOS Divas TTC

Guest post by Marni Hotchkiss

I have spent years working at building a family and I understand the many aspects of the TTC journey. I know first hand that a woman cannot do this alone. In my struggles to conceive a second time, with a complication called Asherman’s Syndrome and ultimately choosing surrogacy, I felt the need to help others dealing with infertility.

I created a website called, to help support the infertility, surrogacy and adoption community by providing a supportive and educational place to find the latest information and the ability to create the connections to help on their journey. You can read blogs from a variety of people; from thosetrying to build their families and also from professionals in the field. You can join private groups, such as the one for PCOS, and connect with others who are dealing with similar issues. Amy has been an invaluable guest blogger since January 2012 provide insightful articles about what to eat with PCOS.

Creating a website community wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to create an on-the-go tool to help women track their daily diet of the right foods for fertility.

My Fertile Food, for iPhone and iPad, is designed to help women who are trying to improve their odds of conceiving a baby, by eating healthy foods that are beneficial for fertility.  It has been found that eating certain foods can improve the quality of women’s eggs, reduce stress, help regulate menstrual cycles, improve conditions for implantation, and prepare the body for pregnancy.

You can use the default recommendations or customize an individual plan based on the foods specific to your dietary needs. After each meal or at the end of each day you can open the app and select the food portions you have consumed. It’s a fun and easy way to stay on track and motivated. In fact, Amy will be using the My Fertile Food app with her one-on-one clients and during The Discover Your Diva Jumpstart Program in May.

I hope you will come Bridge with us at and that the My Fertile Food app will help you to keep your PCOS in control.

Marni Hotchkiss

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