Sparkle Success Story: Kelly - PCOS Diva
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Sparkle Success Story: Kelly

This is part of our Sparkle success stories series. Meet Kelly!


Learn how the Sparkle cleanse helped Kelly eliminate chronic back pain, lose stubborn weight, & regulate her cycle.

“I feel amazing! When I started the cleanse, I had a lot of inflammation. I don’t have it anymore. My workouts have been phenomenal and my chronic body pain is completely gone.” – Kelly Thadison





Like so many women with PCOS, Kelly started experiencing hormonal imbalances at an early age. She began menstruating at the age of 9 but her cycles were erratic. At the age of 15, her doctor put her on the pill to regulate things. 

But her symptoms got worse: embarrassing chest hair, weight gain, negative body image, mood swings, back pain, body aches, and seasonal affective disorder. And no matter how much she exercised, things did not improve. At her lowest point, she was even pre-diabetic. 

She finally got her PCOS diagnosis at the age of 32 when she was having trouble getting pregnant. Her doctor prescribed Metformin but the side effects were too much for her to tolerate. 

She dabbled with eating healthy but didn’t stay consistent.


When Kelly discovered PCOS Diva in 2013, things started to shift for her.

She decided to take control of her PCOS & purchased Amy’s “Healing PCOS” book and completed the online “Jumpstart” program – with amazing results!

Knowledge really is power! And Kelly learned how to think, eat, & move like a Diva.


Kelly wanted to take her healing to the next level and in January of 2022, she took the leap & signed up for Sparkle, our live 14-day PCOS detox program.

God’s timing is perfect. I’ve been following you for quite some time now and Sparkle was in alignment with what I needed in this season of my life.”

She was serious about following Amy’s proven protocol and made the following changes:

  • Cut out sugar
  • Eliminated processed foods
  • Said goodbye to gluten & dairy
  • Swapped plastic for glass containers
  • Stopped her sleep medication

We were so impressed with her fired-up spunk and dedication to the program & her health!


As a result of her incredible dedication, Kelly experienced phenomenal success.

Less Pain

Her chronic back pain completely disappeared. She tried everything over the years to find relief: chiropractic care, physical therapy, massages, and modified workouts. And in a short, 10-day dedicated liver cleanse, she finally experienced freedom from pain.

Weight Loss

In addition to pain relief, she noticed the numbers on her scale moving – down. She’s happy to report that she is now 15 pounds lighter, and thrilled to feel good in her body for the first time. 

Regular Cycle

She discovered that endocrine-disrupting chemicals were wreaking havoc on her hormones and removing these toxins helped to regulate her cycle.


After 28 years of styling hair, Kelly is in the process of shifting her vocation to teaching other women how to also reverse their PCOS symptoms with an emphasis on hair loss.

And she’s super excited to join us again this spring for another Sparkle cleanse starting on April 22.


Learn more about Sparkle and join here!

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