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5 Tips for Dressing Your Gorgeous PCOS Body

Guest post by Maegan Watson

Dressing to accentuate and define your figure will help you love the way you look and feel in your clothes. Recognizing and loving your body type is the first step in this process.

For women with PCOS, weight gain is a common symptom. In most women with PCOS, weight tends to gather in the midsection around the waistline, thus creating an apple shape body type. Women with apple-shaped bodies tend to have a wider torso, broader shoulders, a fuller bust and waist. Compared to this larger middle area, apple shaped women tend to have thinner arms and a flatter bottom. A common issue is mistaking an apple shape for a pear shape. Typically, in an apple shape body, the weight accumulates in the upper waist area, whereas women with a pear shape are heavier below the waist and in the upper thigh area. There are several simple strategies women can implement to accentuate and flatter their beautiful apple shaped body!

1- Elongate your torso – This is easily achieved by avoiding high waist pants or skirts. Additionally, selecting longer tops and avoiding cropped or shorter shirts that hit above the waist, and leaving your shirts un-tucked will help create length in your middle.

2- Create the illusion of a waist – In an apple shape body, the slimmest point is usually just below the bust. Empire waist tops or dresses hit at this point and help disguise a larger midsection. A-line skirts and dresses also help create definition around the waist and also help create balance by adding volume to your bottom half. Waist belts as well as embellishments at the waist can draw attention to your tummy without adding definition and should thus be avoided.PCOS Diva smoothie

3- Draw attention to your bust and legs –Structured jackets and V-neck or wide neck tops or dresses will help enhance the volume of your bust and shoulders. Pants that have a slight stretch, a mid-rise, and a straight leg will help enhance your natural curves and bring balance to your bottom half. Wedges and strappy sandals are best for your body type. Avoiding slim, pointed toe shoes will keep you from looking too top heavy.

4- Enhance definition and create balance – Creating balance in your shape also takes a balance between avoiding boxy, loose, or shapeless clothing and clothes that are too tight or clingy. Wrap dresses, semi-fitted clothes, shirts or jackets that end at the hip, and light drapery that accentuates your hips will help balance out your figure. Avoid bodycon dresses and ruffles around your midsection to prevent drawing attention to your tummy. Fabrics with a thicker weave like linen will be more flattering than clingy fabrics like jersey.

5- Jewelry and accessories help too! – Statement necklaces and dangly earrings will help draw attention to your top half and bust. Long necklaces should be avoided as they draw the eye down towards your middle and away from the bust. Avoid shoulder bags that hit at your middle and instead opt for bags with a longer strap that hits below your waist.

When it comes to loving the way you look it has nothing to do with the clothing and everything to do with the woman you become in the clothing.  Dressing your beautiful shape can become a radical act of self-care.  Watch your life change as you become kind, open and nurturing to your body shape.


maeg-headshotMaegan Watson is a personal stylist and founder at My Dear Watson, a firm dedicated to creating wardrobes that practically hand you your outfit every time you get dressed. So you feel the way you want and love the way you look.  She has nearly a decade of experience supporting amazing individuals by building their life-transforming wardrobes.  She solves the unending question of “what should I wear today?” so your energy is reserved for family, fulfilling work, and fun! She lives in Telluride, Colorado with her son, husband and chocolate lab.

Visit her at www.maeganwatson.com.

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