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ELECTROLYSIS…the permanent hair removal solution

electrolysisGuest Post: by Lori Weintraub, Master Electrologist

During my 30+ years in the field of hair removal, I have witnessed firsthand the frustration, confusion and desperation of women with PCOS who are plagued by excessive amounts of embarrassing hair growth on their faces as well as their bodies.

At their first visit to my office, it is not uncommon for women to wipe away tears as they tell their stories…

  • Some style their hair in such a way as to hide the whiskers that are on their cheeks and sides of the face.
  • Others use the “thinking stance” while conversing with friends so that one hand is cupped over the chin and part of the lip.
  • Many stand in front of their bathroom mirrors applying thick layers of foundation to cover up any visible hair growth.
  • So many women pluck and tweeze extensively to the point that the skin becomes inflamed and damaged.
  • Bright light, sunshine and close personal contact are known to cause anxiety as the hairs may be more readily seen.
  • Teenage girls are often teased at school or hear whispered comments as other students point and stare.

New clients are often referred to me by their physicians after having been diagnosed with hormonal imbalances such as PCOS.  Others, who are disheartened by increasing amounts of newly appearing hairs, may be unaware of the cause.  As a hair removal expert, I am experienced at observing hair growth patterns which may indicate a possible underlying medical condition stimulating hairs to grow in excess.  In addition to hair growth that can be found on the face, shoulders, upper chest and breasts, the client will often present with visible acne.


Nowadays, women are faced with a myriad of different options when confronted with unwanted hair growth and ways to eliminate it.

  • Temporary – Waxing, threading, tweezing, shaving, epilating, depilatories, bleaching and more. These methods require a lifetime of maintenance.
  • Semi-permanent – Laser hair removal is widely available. Under ideal conditions – fair skin and dark thick hairs – a reduction in the amount of hair may be seen.  IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is similar to laser as it also targets pigment.  In both cases, candidates should exhibit a contrast between skin tone and hair color.
  • Permanent – Electrolysis can be performed on all skin colors {fair, tan, ethnic} and all hair colors {white, red, dark}. It has a long-term track record for safety and is approved by the FDA as the only method of hair removal that is permanent.


Each hair on the human body grows out of a follicle, which is a natural opening in the skin.  The hair root is located at the bottom of this opening.  Electrolysis functions to destroy the germinating root center so that a hair can no longer grow from that follicle.

A fine probe, thinner than the actual hair, is gently inserted down the shaft of the hair follicle.  An experienced electrologist will note resistance as the probe encounters the root.  At this precise juncture, an appropriate amount of heat will be emitted from the tip of the probe in order to destroy the growth center, rendering it unable to grow any future hairs.  The hair is then lifted out of the treated follicle as clearing continues.  A large amount of individual hairs can be treated during an electrolysis session.

The length of the treatment is based upon the area requiring the work, the sensitivity of the skin and the tolerance of the client.  Sessions can range from as little as 15 minutes to an hour or more.  Electrolysis is a permanent process; however, it requires several sessions to treat all the hair growth cycles.  Scheduling is determined based on the amount of hair present.  Prior methods of hair removal influence how quickly results will be achieved.

Every woman experiences the sensation of electrolysis differently, and each area of the body has varying sensitivity.  Most comment that the treatments range from slightly bothersome to somewhat annoying.  Numbing creams are available for clients that prefer them.

In addition to eradicating PCOS hormonal hair growth, electrolysis can safely be used to shape eyebrows, redesign hairlines and permanently destroy hairs remaining after countless laser sessions.  It is an affordable option that yields amazing results.  Clients often comment that their only regret is not having done electrolysis first!

When seeking the services of an electrologist, I encourage you to schedule an initial consultation.  It is my firm belief that an understanding of the process is an important beginning to successful electrolysis treatment.  During the consultation, your new electrologist will evaluate your growth pattern in order to determine an appropriate and realistic treatment schedule.  Prior methods of removal are taken into account as this information factors into how quickly your permanent hair removal results will be achieved.  Please note that your choice of an electrologist is paramount to your success.  Search for a caring professional with years of experience that is passionate about helping you.


weintraubLori Weintraub is a Master Electrologist with over 30 years of experience in the field of hair removal.  She is also a Licensed Esthetician with a comprehensive knowledge of the skin.  Lori feels honored to have helped hundreds of women improve their appearances as well as their self-esteem.  Her first book, “The Complete Guide to Hair Removal for Women,” was recently published on Amazon.  Long-distance consultations can be arranged for women desiring a Personalized Hair Removal Action Plan targeting their specific issues and concerns.  Contact Lori: info@hairremovalbylori.com or www.linkedin.com/in/weintraublori/.

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  1. thanks for this information-packed article, lori, regarding removal of unwanted hair (useful for PCOS, but for a variety of other reasons as well). i appreciate the way you broke down the process of electrolysis and its uses (even for shaping eyebrows).

  2. Hi Lori,

    Nice to read the complete post. Full of information and very well explained about the psychological condition of people with access hairs. These permanent hair removal methods are like blessings for them. Thanks for sharing the post..