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Follea Hair – A Proper Topper

by Amy Medling, founder of PCOS Diva

When I was really struggling with PCOS, I felt like I could live with most of the physical symptoms – the excess weight, acne and sprouting hairs.   But, it was the hair loss that was so devastating  and almost unbearable.  Hair loss added to my anxiety and depression and I spent a countless hours in the mirror trying to tease and hairspray my sparse hair to cover my balding crown.  I am happy to say that through living a PCOS Diva lifestyle, my hormones have balanced, my hair loss has subsided and my hair has grown back.

I hear from so many women who are struggling emotionally and physically with hair loss and it breaks my heart.  I want to be able to provide support and solutions and have written extensively on this topic.  You can find more articles here –   A couple years ago I wrote an article about “wearing hair”  as a viable solution.  You can read about “Aimee”

Today, I want to introduce you to “Mia”.  Mia is a Follea Hair “Topette”.  Follea manufactures and distributes women’s added hair products for sale worldwide. Follea’s crown extension topettes are hairpieces that are designed to mix in with your hair easily, help women who don’t have enough hair to support extensions. I think most women with PCOS hair loss would be looking at the Topette. We tend to have diffuse crown hair loss but enough left on the back and sides so a Topette maybe all that is needed. The Topette collection can be used with clip-in or sew-in extensions to match volume and length of your desired style.

Follea offers a wide variety of lengths and colors of Topettes.  Since my hair is a medium brown and chin length, I ordered the shorter version.  The Topette must be cut into your hair style.  I went to a local wig shop and worked with a stylist who is accustomed to cutting wigs.  I would make sure you use an expert.  Here are some pics of Mia during the cutting process. I wear my natural hair with foiled highlights.  The stylist did pull sections of the hairpiece through a cap while on my head to try to achieve a similar result as my natural hair.  However we weren’t able to achieve the same level of highlight with the Topette – perhaps the only downside to wearing Mia for me.

after-front       after-top

Mia is very easy to clip in, and she is light, cool and comfortable to wear.  They day I brought Mia home, my husband and I spent the afternoon together, and he had no idea I was wearing hair.

I want you to know that wearing a Topette can truly provide such mental relief from PCOS related hair loss.  The anxiety over bald spots and thinning hair is diminished and you can use that mental energy that was spent worrying about hair loss  in a more positive way.    If you are struggling with PCOS related hair loss, I encourage you to look into this very viable solution.


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  1. I’ve got a Follea topper, which I’ve been wearing for about seven weeks now. I sometimes find the clips uncomfortable. Have you had this problem, and if so, how do you deal with it?

    1. Hi Anna – for me, sometimes adding in additional clips can help make the original clips less painful. I tend to like the clips that have a rubberized grip (as my hair is soooo fine). Think about adding some more clips in, particular around the ones that are causing pain. Typically, the top-front one on my pieces hurts me the most.

      1. Good idea, thanks. I might try that, though if will say it’s getting better as time passes.

  2. What steps did you take to overcome your PCOS symptoms, balance your hormones, and have you hair grow back?