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Helping Acne Clear Naturally for Healthy Radiant Skin

Natural Acne TreatmentI asked aesthetician, Teresa Paquin, to share her thoughts on managing acne naturally. I agree that a healthy, gluten-free and dairy-free or low dairy diet like I advocate in my Meal Plans go a long way to giving a healthy glow.  Let us know your naturally acne-fighting remedies in the comments below.

Guest Post by Teresa Paquin

Several years ago I had a client referred to me for acne. She was in her late twenties, a very healthy active career woman. She had tried many things to help clear her acne, but nothing was helping her.

I advised her to consider some things for her internal body as well as topical skincare treatments and products she was seeking.  She followed my advice to adapt her daily diet and experienced success with clearing her acne.

I would recommend the following protocol to anyone experiencing breakouts.  These include adding probotics to the daily diet as well as a probiotic supplement.  A good strategy for dealing with acne begins with effective “bowel cleansing” and healthy bowel flora (the normal lacto-bacteria that live in our intestines). A great way to do this is to eat about 1/4-1/2 cup of fresh, unpasteurized traditionally made sauerkraut every day and then take one teaspoon of Swedish Bitters in warm water before bed. This you are something you can make yourself or there is also a brand called Bubbies, found in the refrigerator section of a good health food store.  A terrific book that has recipes on the how to’s for making your own lacto fermented vegetables and drinks is called “Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.”

Sauerkraut, however, should be the cornerstone of treatment as the high sulphur content of the cabbage is especially valuable in skin cleansing. (Cabbage juice is valued in Irish folk medicine for giving a beautiful complexion.)

Another area of importance is proper fats in the diet (such as good quality butter and olive oil) and excluding the commercial vegetable oils and hydrogenated margarines and shortenings. In addition Cod liver oil is good to add to the diet.

In my practice as an aesthetician, I perform a treatment called LymphMed. This helps the body to detox using the body’s own Lymphatic system and allowing accelerated healing with cystic acne and acne. In addition to this I would suggest an at home skincare routine that is gentle but effective at preventing and clearing acne. Whether you are a teenager or adult, acne is not uncommon, and though there is no cure, it can be greatly helped by diet and the correct topical ingredients.PCOS Diva Advanced supplements

Another one of my favorite ways to clear acne quickly is the use of high frequency. It is a safe and gentle way to clear blemished skin. High frequency skin treatments are one of the more potent weapons in the esthetician’s arsenal. High frequency allows an esthetician to stimulate circulation and cell metabolism for younger-looking skin. Estheticians also use it to treat and prevent acne by oxygenating the skin and producing an antiseptic effect.  An oscillating circuit creates an alternating current that activates glass tubes (electrodes) filled with argon or neon gas. This current vibrates the water molecules in the skin and produces a heat effect, along with ozone. A wonderful at home tool for acne that is now available is called the “OXYDERM”, a high frequency wand for face and body. I highly recommend these to my clients who have blemished skin or get hormonal breakouts from time to time. Though it is not a professional machine, it is the same technology and very effective at quickly clearing blemished skin and is a terrific preventative tool.

To find out more information about the OxyDerm  go to

Summary on natural ways to help acne…

–        Diet-Eat fresh organic vegetables, fruits, milk and even meat. Drink plenty of clean water.

–        Daily include lacto- fermented Bubbies brand Sauerkraut or you can also make your own.

–        Include a good daily probiotic supplement.

–        Eat healthy oils- such as organic butter, olive oil. Supplement a good clean brand of Cod Liver oil. A good brand is – •Twin Labs non-emulsified liquid Cod Liver Oil

–        If you cannot find an Aesthetician in your area to provide Lymph Med face and neck services an at home option to stimulate your lymphatic system is to use a mini trampoline. A wonderful form of gentle exercise, that nay fitness level or age can do.  Walmart sells the type that come with a stability bar that can be helpful.

–        Topically a good acne skincare kit available online for combination skin, acne skin is the Hydra medic kit, available on the shop.  these can be used in combination with the Pure Essentials Natural Skincare line that uses natural, organic, and is also vegan gluten and paraben free. For faces over 30 years old, anti- aging with acne, the “Pure Essentials Natural Skincare line serum works very well, and double as a moisturizer. The aloe, essentials oils and MSM help encourage a smooth clear complexion, in addition to keeping it firm and improving any lines or wrinkles. offers advanced clinical skincare products, anti- aging natural organic skincare that is vegan, gluten and paraben free. As well as mineral, gluten free makeup and cosmetics.

teresaTeresa Paquin, an acclaimed aesthetician and makeup artist now provides on-line guests customized skincare protocols, helping individuals to look their absolute best without going to extremes. Facial treatments are also available for people in the southern New Hampshire or Massachusetts area. For more information about services go to







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  1. Thanks for the tips. Its nice for someone to actually post an article and know what they are talking about.

    My acne started a few years ago and I tried lots of different remedies and creams.

    I think everyone is different, but if people follow what you have recommended it will certainly help reduce the acne.