Introducing Carrie - PCOS Diva Client Care - PCOS Diva
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Introducing Carrie – PCOS Diva Client Care

I would like  to introduce a new member of the PCOS Diva Team.  Carrie Dawe has joined PCOS Diva as Client Care Coordinator.

After the completion of her graduate degree, Carrie worked for many years as a Community Service Advocate for the City of Boston. For the past ten years, she has taken time to focus on her  family, raising our three children. She lives a healthy lifestyle and enjoys competing  in various running races each year. She strives to keep a active,  healthy lifestyle. “I’m thrilled to be working in Client Care with Amy and PCOS Diva, helping women achieve their goals. With good Health comes Happiness!”

Join me in welcoming Carrie!  She can be reached at



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Amy Medling, PCOS Diva founder and PCOS Health Coach