Introducing Linda Kochiu - PCOS Diva

Introducing Linda Kochiu

linda6Our Journey with PCOS

My daughter was diagnosed with PCOS when she was 14. She struggled with weight gain, low self-esteem, insulin resistance, and irregular menstrual cycles. I remember sitting in fitting rooms as she cried because she didn’t want to buy a bigger size. She didn’t understand what was happening to her body as she was very athletic. She was taking birth control pills that the doctor had prescribed to treat her PCOS and we thought that it was the magic pill to a cure. No such luck – the pill made her feel depressed and her friends were asking her what was wrong. As a mother, I felt lost – not knowing what to do as I saw my daughter struggling and withdrawing from her friends.

What did we do?

My daughter and I then decided to start researching some of the answers to living with PCOS and embarked on a 9 month journey making changes in our lives to support her overall health. We worked with an endocrinologist, gynecologist, nutritionist, and our very supportive pediatrician, but that wasn’t enough. We continued to look for solutions and found Amy Medling (PCOS Diva – Health Coach) to help guide us on our journey. We made changes to our diets, focused on body image, exercise, and overall loving ourselves.  I’m here to tell you that this was the life changing support we needed.

PCOS Diva Jumpstart

My Daughter Today:

My daughter is off the pill, has reached a normal BMI, has normal menstrual cycles and her self-esteem is back with even more confidence. She has accepted her syndrome and has learned how to be in control of her own health. She now has the tool kit to lead her though a healthy and confident life. As a mother, I couldn’t be happier.

How This Experience Changed my Life:

Now that we had my daughter’s symptoms under control, I wasn’t ready to sit back and relax. A passion had begun stirring inside of me to share this knowledge that we had gained. I wanted to help other women and young adults so they could experience the same life changing journey that we did. My daughter was my number one cheerleader as she wanted me to help others.

I quit my corporate job and went back to school to become a Health Coach. I’m so happy I did as it’s the most rewarding and fulfilling job I have ever had. It was meant to be.

Biggest Honor:

Amy Medling (PCOS Diva) has asked me to help her in supporting her clients with one-on-one coaching, and I couldn’t be more honored. Amy played a HUGE part in my daughter’s journey and I am beyond excited to have gained her trust.

As a mother and Health Coach, I am dedicated to helping women and young adults to get their PCOS under control as I know how life changing this can be. I will make it simple and easy for you. I am here to support you in achieving your personal goals.

Please contact me for a FREE 20 minute consultation if you are looking for more support and knowledge regarding PCOS.  I’d love to help!  You can reach me at

IIN Certified Health Coach



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  1. I’m so happy to meet you. You and your daughter are beautiful women. Having two daughters of my own this is something that plagues my thoughts almost daily. I am so happy with what I have learned at PCOS Diva to help them if need be in the future. We may be turning to you in the next 8-10 years with a good base knowledge, but knowing there is more support out there is priceless. Thanks again. Ariann Brown