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Introducing The PCOS Awareness Association

I am excited to introduce a new PCOS not-for-profit organization.  Megan reached out to me a few months ago. She is rocking and rolling and has lots of great things planned in the next few months.  Her organization is the official PCOS representative for the 2013 World Congress on Endocrinology.
About PCOS Awareness Association
PCOS Awareness Association (PCOSAA) is a newly established non-profit 501(c)3 organization, created because there is a need for more information, more research and the need to provide connections among women with PCOS, along with providers, to help with symptoms.  The mission of PCOS Awareness Association is to provide information, support and resources to sufferers of PCOS and their families, friends and supports systems. PCOS Awareness Association’s goals are to get more women tested, to connect them with specialists and others that can help them with their symptoms of PCOS, to inform the public about the severity of PCOS, to help fund research of PCOS and most of all to connect PCOS sufferers with one another. From the website ( PCOS sufferers all over the world can create a profile, join groups, start discussions, give each other support and search their physical location for help with their PCOS symptoms. The more members that join, the more PCOS specialists will join.
About the Founder of PCOSAA, Megan Domino
Born in Boston, Megan grew up in Renton, Washington where helping others has been the underlying theme meganof her life ever since she was young. In business she mentors her co-workers.  At home she strives to make a good life for her and her husband.  Megan works hard to put her personal signature on every project she takes on. Overcoming adversity is no stranger to Megan.  In 2001 she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and suffers from all the associated symptoms.  Megan also has Hemoglobin C blood disease.  She set out on a quest for answers and found that thousands of women were also searching.  She formed PCOS Awareness Association to not only connect women with each other but provide resources and create public awareness. Today Megan tries to live life to the fullest.  She inspires others to do the same.  Her motto is LIVE – LOVE – LAUGH.

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