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Is Private Coaching Right for Me?

My mission for PCOS Diva is to help as many women with PCOS as I can, by providing information about how to heal and manage their PCOS naturally.  I feel very blessed to have been able to help so many women make positive change.

The Jumpstart Program has proved to be a great tool to reach  many in a group setting, and start them on their journey, however, many are looking for more in-depth one-on-one support.  If you are ready to take a big step forward in 2014 and claim the life you were meant to live without PCOS holding you back, then my PCOS Diva Private Coaching Program is for you.  I only work with a small number of women 1 on 1 and haven’t had any openings in a while for new clients, but in January, I am going to open up a few more slots for women who are truly ready to make a positive change.  

My 6 month Private Coaching Program is a  transformative process of gaining knowledge and clarity on what lifestyle works best for you.  You’ll have more energy, better moods and reduce your symptoms and find balance in your life (and in many cases regain fertility!). The Private Coaching  Program  provides accountability, motivation, results, and someone you trust to share the journey with, and is completely personalized to your specific needs. You will experience major positive changes in your life.

Everyone’s lifestyle is unique, so his or her nutrition needs should be as well. During our time together, you will learn the tools and step-by-step techniques for lasting success with unlimited e-mail support between sessions. You will also receive done for you resources to support your progress throughout the program. This Program offers a holistic approach which will help you reach your goals.

 “In June of 2013, I began Amy’s coaching program. In August I found out that I was pregnant, and am expecting our first child in May of 2014. Amy’s Private Coaching Program isn’t a quick fix diet plan but a personal journey that has transformed my life in ways I could not imagine possible. I have learned so much about myself, and PCOS. I have found myself and I finally understand women with PCOS have specific needs that medication cannot treat. This journey healed me, and I can now live my life freely and whole heartedly.” – Silvanna T.

“I am so thankful I had the opportunity to work with Amy. She began the process of healing in many areas of my life; healing in my mind, body and soul. I love how Amy coached me. She met me where I was, with my struggles and all, and would give me recommendations that were tailored for me. I learned so much! I learned that if I focused on taking care of myself, it was easier to weed out the junk in my life. Amy’s program has made our dreams come true; and with much anticipation, we will be welcoming our baby boy in June.” – Kristine K.


“I finally found HOPE! I met Amy Medling, a woman who had PCOS and has a passion for women who PCOS. In working with her as my health coach, I realized that I had become my only advocate and needed to continue to do so to get the answers I needed. I have never felt better about myself nor have I ever seen myself as being able to have hope. I sit here crying because I am getting healthy! I am taking my life into my own hands. I am no longer a victim. I do not have to live like everyone else is going to fix it. I see life through new eyes and I have the ability to choose good things. To choose health. To choose self care. To choose self-nurture. To choose me.” – Nelda W.


“When I started the program I was so focused on losing weight, that I didn’t care how I lost it. However, throughout the program I was able to let go, stop measuring food and actually starting eating to heal my body. Since then I have lost weight, become less bloated and have so much more energy. Most importantly, I can finally look in the mirror and feel like the beautiful Diva I now know I am. I can’t thank Amy enough for truly transforming my life into the healthy and freeing life I was meant to live! ” – Carissa


Would you like to learn more? I work with clients via phone and Skype and invite you to reach out to me at to schedule a complimentary  20-minute Get Acquainted Session to learn more about the Private Coaching Program and to see if we would be a good fit to work together. 





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