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Guest Post: Open a Notebook of Possibilities

Open a Notebook of Possibilities by Jaclyn Foster

Think back to a time when you were young with a blank canvas in front of you. You most likely created, imagined and explored..the good, bad, ugly, and the lovely. You expressed freely and no matter what it was – it was beautiful and unique to you. You gave yourself permission to let it flow and probably didn´t even think of it as ¨giving permission¨ because it came so naturally.

This is why I love Journaling. IT IS the blank canvas of unlimited expression and possibilities. Regardless of what is going on – it is a time out, a little space to let go, to fully BE me. To accept my demons and desires for all that they are. To ask myself questions and allow my inner guidance to offer its input.As an adult, I find writing allows me permission to express, in a modern world that advocates ¨toughing it out.¨

Journaling provides a space to embrace my vulnerability as a strength and a blessing….an opportunity to accept it all, and it is extremely freeing.

Pull out a piece of paper. Right now! and answer the following questions and see what happens. Take a few deep breathes and let it flow… ¨What makes you, you? What makes you awesome? (this is no time to hold back…this is for you, and YOU deserve it) What can you do TODAY to be totally you? Who would you BE if the options were unlimited?

What do you have to lose, some ink? Better yet, what do you have to gain? Ideas, emotional release, empowerment, new perspectives….the possibilities are truly endless. Allow your true self to express.

Everything matters. Every choice you make is important. What is inside of you is meant to be expressed. We knew this as kids, because we did it, without question. Writing is one of the easiest, healthiest and ¨safest¨ ways to get it all out, restore a sense of calm, and break down any challenge or goal.

So what are you waiting for! Open up that beautiful notebook calling your name, write the date, and let it flow without shame.

Jaclyn Foster

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