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MENU PLAN April Week 3

During April, I have been focusing on mindful eating. I gave some tips in both the April Week 1 and April Week 2 Menu Plans.  I hope you are gradually learning to live “in the moment”.  Becoming more aware and mindful can increase your enjoyment and effectiveness in everything you do.

I have another exercise for you this week. Try to appreciate the aroma and the appearance of your food before you eat it.  Notice the colors, textures, and smells of the food and imagine what it will taste like.  Then savor your food as you eat it.   Put your fork down between bites and be conscious of all the different sensations you are experiencing.  Then, in the middle of your meal pause for at least two full minutes. Estimate how much more food it will take to fill you to comfortable satiety.  Chances are, when you savor the entire eating experience you will be satisfied with less food.

Last week, the Artichoke Chili on Meatless Monday was a huge hit at my house.  I was skeptical at first, but the artichoke’s actually gave it a “meaty” texture.  If you didn’t have a chance to try the recipe, it would make a great lunch for the week!

MEATLESS MONDAY – Sweet Potato Frittata  I will serve with some spring mixed greens and a half of broiled grapefruit with a smidge of honey.

TUESDAY Sauteed Chicken and Radishes with Mustard and Tarragon I am going to serve some Sauteed Dandelion Greens.  Dandelion greens are at the peak of season right now.  Don’t miss out on these detoxifying greens.  Adjust the amount of oil in this recipe to the amount of greens you have.

WEDNESDAY Quinoa and Black Beans  I will add more veggies like zucchini, tomato and will top with some salsa, a little cheese and homemade guacamole.

THURSDAY Warm Snow Pea and Chicken Salad    I will have brown rice on the side and may add some red peppers to the salad.

FRIDAY Jamacian Jerk Salmon and Mango Pineapple Salsa  I will make a cabbage slaw and will make some sweet potato oven fries to serve with the salmon.

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  1. Hi Amy!

    My name is Kelly. I am 27 and was diagnosed with PCOS about 5 months ago. I am in the process of cleaning up my diet to get a handle on my PCOS. I am working with an acupuncturist, and I am off diary. In the above recipe for sweet potato frittata, the ingredients call for a little milk and cheese. How do you make those substitutions to make the recipe truly PCOS friendly?

    Thank you so much! I am loving your blog!