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MENU PLAN August Week 3

I spent last week at the beach cramming in the last few carefree days of summer before my family is  back to the routine and structure that school days bring to my house. It is easy for me to stick to my plan when I have structure in my day.  But when I spend a lazy day at the beach it is easy for me to get off track especially with hydration.  It was hot, sunny and beautiful but I found myself feeling a little fizzled.  I realized that I was dehydrated.  When you skimp on fluids, it is hard on your body because water is essential to just about every process in your body.  Water accounts for about 60% of our body or about 11 gallons or 92lbs for a 155lb person.  I have begun to realize that when I am out of my normal routine I need to rely on reminders to drink, besides my thirst, because once you are thirsty you are already dehydrated.  I discovered the iphone app called Waterlogged which reminds you to drink and keeps track of your fluids throughout the day. I am going to put it to good use next weekend as we head to Cape Cod to enjoy the last weekend before school. This week pay special attention to drinking plenty of water and maybe even download the free Waterlogged app!

MEATLESS MONDAY Southwest Summer Stir-fry

TUESDAY Grilled Salmon with Blackberry Cabernet Coulis I’ll serve with some wilted spinach or kale and mashed sweet potatoes.

WEDNESDAY Chicken and Summer Vegetable Tostadas I will use a Trader Joes brown rice tortilla instead of the white flour and will add some tomatoes.

THURSDAY Cranberry Beans with Parsley Pesto You can serve this as a sidedish to grilled meat or poultry.  I will have an extra large serving with a salad for a veggie meal.

FRIDAY Three Chili-dusted Shrimp with Quick Corn Relish Please use fresh corn – it is at its peak right now!

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