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MENU PLAN September Week 2

My garden is starting to wind down.  The beans and peas have been picked, the lettuce has been eaten, the cukes are gone, but my basil is still going strong. It has loved  the sunny spot at the end of the garden.  I’ve been wondering what I am going to do with it all?  Searching through my recipe box, I found a basil walnut sauce that will be perfect for grilled chicken or fish.  I think I’ll freeze some in ice cube trays for a taste of summer on a cold February winter day.  I bet a cube or two will be the perfect addition to some of my winter soups and stews.  If you have some basil ideas please send them my way.

MEATLESS MONDAY Roasted Tomato, Beans, and Onions I’ll top with a little sprinkle of fresh basil and serve with a green salad.

TUESDAY Grilled Chicken with Basil Walnut Sauce I’ll make a big batch  of the sauce and will make sure to add some fresh garlic too.  I’ll  serve with some roasted sweet potatoes and green beans.

WEDNESDAY Teriyaki Pork and Vegetables with Noodles I’ll add extra veggies and use brown rice noodles and serve with a side of sauteed bok choy.

THURSDAY Chicken Maque Choux This looks really yummy.  It is a spiced chicken, braised corn, tomato and red bell pepper dish  popular in Louisiana.

FRIDAY Cod with a Salsa Twist I’ll serve with some steamed brocolli and spinach.

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Amy Medling, PCOS Diva founder and PCOS Health Coach

  1. Amy, I just came across your website and I wanted to say thank you. While I don’t suffer from all of the symptoms of PCOS, the ones I do experience definitely impact my life. It was so inspiring to find your site and to feel like this is something that I can learn not only to live with, but to overcome and to appreciate as an invitation to a healthier life. I look forward to diving into your site and finding new information. Thank you!

    1. Nicole-
      It is so true. I am healthier than so many of my friends because of PCOS. (I will be forty in a few months – don’t tell them I said this – but I think I look younger too! 😉