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PCOS Meal Planning – More tips!

Establish weeknight meal traditions – If you grew up in the in 80’s you may remember the commercials telling us that Wednesdays are “Prince Spaghetti Day “. My family followed this meal tradition. We also had “Fish Fridays”. Growing up Catholic, meant fish & chips on Friday. Obviously, pasta and fish and chips are not PCOS friendly but establishing a set weeknight meal tradition is.

Now that I have my own family, I find it makes meal planning easier to establish a few weeknight meal traditions. In my house Sunday evenings during the fall and winter, is oatmeal night. My kids actually look forward to having steel cut oats (see recipe) for dinner. I make a big pot and use the leftovers for breakfast during the beginning of the week. Wednesdays are soup night. I make a pot of homemade soup and have leftovers for lunch for the remainder of the work week. Just establishing a couple weeknight traditions really takes some of the guesswork out of menu planning.

Keep a binder of your weekly menu plans and rotate Write out your plans every week and save them. I put mine in a binder and I jot a few notes about what worked and what didn’t. (If anyone knows of an iPhone app to help with weekly menu planning please tell me!) To switch things up a bit, use the basic plans but rely on current seasonal produce to switch things up a bit.

Have “planned-overs” I actually did this last week and will share my “planned-over “with you in my next post. Cook double portions and use the leftovers in a quick meal the following night. Leftovers from one night’s Hoisin and Bourbon-Glazed Pork Tenderloin can be used in the next day’s Asian Pork-and-Broccoli Stir-Fry.

I have spent a lot of time posting about PCOS menu planning. I can’t stress how important developing a weekly plan is to helping stay on track with healthy eating. When you have PCOS, food truly can become medicine. What we eat has the power to heal when we eat the right things. Spend some time each week planning low-glycemic meals for you and your family, everyone will be healthier. If you haven’t started consciously planning your meals, the following posts are a great place to start.


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