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Natural Bar Shampoo – My Latest Hair Product Obsession

It is like the Quest for the Holy Grail.  I am always searching for new products and ideas to help with my thin hair, as evident from  the number of blog posts I have dedicated to this subject.  I seem to be forever refining and changing my routine.  I am moving away from chemicals towards a more natural approach, so I want to set the story straight now.  I am no longer using, Clinicure, Rogaine, Nizoral, KMS, as I have mentioned in previous posts below:

In July, I asked fellow Diva, Lauren Chiodo-Benmuvhar to share her regimen of using Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar to clean and condition her hair.  You can read more in the post here

I tried this routine from late June  to early August and saw a big difference in the texture and manageability of my hair.  I now see tons of new regrowth, the only downside was that it seemed to strip the color from my hair and made it kind of dry.  Another Diva suggested that the baking soda only be used for about 6 weeks and then transition to a natural oil rich bar shampoo.

Soon after she made that suggestion, I came across a locally made bar shampoo at a natural health store here in my hometown of Nashua, NH.


On their website they state, “Unique, contemporary, and totally terrific, this fine formulation of our bar shampoo is based on the original formulation but has no added fragrance. It is designed for people who prefer none, or have allergies to deal with.

Tea Tree Oil has powerful antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties that help enhance our shampoo’s abilities to effectively tame dermatitis, itchy-flaky-scalp conditions and may also stimulate hair growth!

Hemp Oil contains a combination of essential fatty acids that supply your hair’s acute nutritional needs.

Last but not least, Almond Oil is also added to provide the ever important moisturizing, healthy hair requires.”

I have been using this bar shampoo which only cost $6.99 for about a month now and still doing the apple cider vinegar rinse.  My husband commented the other day on how thick my hair looked and felt.  Perhaps I have found my Holy Grail.

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  1. Thin hair is not something that my PCOS is making me deal with, thankfully……It does make my hair exceedingly dry though (audibly crunchy). No matter how much moisture I add to it (I slather it with coconut oil once a week now), it’s not enough…I wonder if this would help me too?

    1. They also have come out with a Coconut and Argan Oil formula which is all creamy and nice.
      Give that a try 🙂

  2. I have been losing so much hair lately that my shower drain has been clogging up at least once a month, so I cut 11 inches off a few weeks ago. I am SO HAPPY I found this blog today! I can’t wait to order some of this bar shampoo and try it out, along with the baking soda apple cider vinegar! I feel like I’ve struck oil finding this blog 🙂

  3. I LOVE this stuff! My hair is super thin and I wear a hair topper, but I have noticed that my bio hair seems healthier and thicker since I’ve been using this. Great post, Amy! Thanks so much for sharing all of your wonderful finds!

    1. Karena- Thanks for your comment. Curious what brand topper you use? I just bought my second bar! I love it too!

      1. Hi Amy,

        how’s the shampoo bar so far? I think I need to order one of those shampoo bars as well. My periods are regular, but my hair falls out starting mid October. the sides and front are fine, but its the back area and top of the back of my head (crown) that shows actual scalp. I went for a blood test and they said my dhea levels were high will my testosterone got better. My skin and scalp are however very oily. So wondering if the shampoo bars were good. I will buy one knowing how you found it. I know my cousins, who are battling with the same thing, are using it and they find it real helpful.

  4. I have also recently switched to a natural bar shampoo from the vinegar & baking soda routine too and I LOVE the effect of the bar shampoo on my hair. The one I started using is from VT Prime Emu Producers and only contains: coconut, palm and castor, emu oil, avocado oil, mango butter apricot kernel oil, and shea butter. It is super moisturizing with the oils and I have definitely noticed my hair is thicker, less frizzy and shedding a lot less.

    Glad to know of another similar product…thanks Amy!

  5. I am so excited to try this new product. I am almost finished with my clinicure product. I noticed a difference, but I am so thankful to have read this blog today. I want something more natural, and also cost effective. I’m picking up some today after work! So excited! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this information! 🙂

  6. I also had a question. Do you just use this bar only, and nothing for conditioner? Are you just using the bar shampoo only each day, or are you also using the vinegar rinse as well? Is the vinegar rinse something to be used once in a while, if so how often? I do color my hair, so I wouldn’t want to do the vinegar rinse daily, but I’m worried I might need a conditioner. Or is the bar shampoo both in one? Let me know your thoughts.

    Thank you! 🙂

    1. The bar is all in one. I sometimes will use vinegar rinse. But I don’t use it everyday. I also color my hair and it doesn’t strip the color.

  7. I am on a never ending search for a natural shampoo that works with my water. I am on a well that is very high in iron and every natural shampoo I’ve tried leaves my hair greasy or feeling like it is coated with something. The only one that has worked is baking soda, but it’s not the best for your hair so I continue to look. Do you know how this bar is with hard mineral rich well water?

    1. I have hard water and it doesn’t suds as much as if the water were soft I am sure. But it still does the job!

  8. I did the whole vinegar/baking soda thing for 8 months and never saw a difference in hair regrowth. Hair was horribly dry and frizzy and coconut oil made it greasy-looking, even when uber-sparingly applied. I can’t get my hair to grow back. I am on 320mg of saw palmetto a day, which has slowed the loss a bit but I will still likely be bald on top within 5 years.

  9. I have extremely oily hair that is hard to get clean. My question is does this bar get a good lather when you are using it? I have tried products before that doesn’t lather and my hair never seems to get clean and ends up even more oily. Thanks!

  10. I just ordered it ,
    Is it still working for you ?
    I am excited 😀
    You website gives me hope everytime i visit , i dont know how to thank you 😀

  11. Have been trying the bar but it leaves a residue behind even when using the ACV rinse. Any ideas?
    Hair loss is so depressing!

  12. I recently found this post and have now used the baking soda/ACV on my hair twice. I’m worried that I’m pulling out some hair with this method. Is that normal for starting? I’m waiting on test results from the doctor to make sure my thyroid is in check. I’ve been doing ‘research’ and have found great comments and horrible comments about this method. I just want to slow the amount of hair I am losing and want my hair to be healthier. If I use this for a few weeks, then what should I do?

      1. It looks rather expensive, could you recommend a specfic shampoo and conditioner I could try from that website?

        1. I purchased the sample pack and rotated the 5 shampoos and used the Zen detox every week.