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No More Excuses with Gaiam TV

Do you get enough exercise?  As a health coach, I find that exercise  (or what I like to refer to as “movement’)  is probably the one area of wellness that many of my clients just don’t spend enough time on.   Exercise can help your moods, raise energy levels and even help balance hormones.

More often than not, time is usually the factor.  We seem to make time for many other areas of our life, but taking time to pack our gym bag, drive to the gym, work-out , drive home or back to the office can easily take an hour or more.

This summer has been a challenge for me.  I have 3 kids and can’t leave them home alone, but they are old enough that they don’t want to come to the gym daycare anymore.  I had to look for exercise alternatives.  This lead me to find Gaiam TV.  I now literally roll out of bed, pull up an AM Yoga stream on Gaiam TV on my iPad or iPhone, and I am doing sun salutations within 5 minutes of waking up, when it would take me at least an extra 30 minutes in my morning to get to and from yoga class.

Gaiam TV yoga and fitness for PCOS

I also love that Gaiam TV has most, if not all, of the Jillian Michaels workouts.  If you didn’t know already, Jillian Michaels has PCOS and I think her workouts are the perfect combination of interval circuit training and weights.  You can do these in the comfort of your own home.  And you don’t get bored doing the same exercise video over and over because there are so many choices.

According to their website, “ is an online video subscription service that brings you the world’s largest collection of conscious media. Using the power of conversation, videos and documentaries, aims to raise awareness and provide new perspectives in spirituality, social change, personal growth,  science and health.  Founded by Gaiam, Inc., a leading lifestyle media company, this streaming video service features original interviews with top visionaries, exclusive, on-demand personal growth videos, inspiring films and documentaries, and much more in the categories of personal development, explorations, health and yoga.”

I have watched some of the personal development videos too – I just love having all of this content at my fingertips.  I find that with Gaiam TV there is no more exercise excuses.

There is a 10-day free trial and  the price $9.95/month.  For more info click here.


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