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Alleviating Symptoms of PCOS with Chiropractic Care

Guest post by Dr. Brent Wells

Have you been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)? If you have, then you are well aware of how complex the disorder is. The good news is, there are a variety of treatment options out there for the symptoms that come along with PCOS. Natural choices include seeing a chiropractor, so you can keep symptoms at bay while keeping your body healthy.

Managing Symptoms with Chiropractic Care

One of the most challenging parts of having PCOS is managing the symptoms that come along with it. They can range in severity, but the most common include:

  • Infertility
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep Issues
  • Weight Gain
  • Headaches
  • Mood Changes

Some of these symptoms will show up in women following the start of puberty. Other times, symptoms don’t start until early adulthood. For some, the signs are minor and go unnoticed which makes it difficult to diagnose. However, the good news is, there are chiropractic treatments that can help in alleviating if not eliminating a lot of the symptoms associated with PCOS.

That doesn’t mean that chiropractic care is necessarily going to get rid of PCOS, but it can make it a lot easier to live with.


Infertility can be a devastating issue for women with PCOS. In some cases of infertility, the root of the problem is that the nervous system isn’t functioning properly. As nervous system specialists, chiropractors know how to provide the proper treatment to ensure that the nervous system is operating as it should be for ideal body functioning.

Seeing a chiropractor will allow women with PCOS and fertility issues to have their spine properly aligned. By doing so, anything that was interfering with the nervous systems operations will be cleared away. Chiropractors can also advise on exercise, healthy lifestyle choices, and nutrition. All of these contribute to helping the body operate in the way it was meant to.

Fatigue and Sleep Problems

Fatigue is one of the top symptoms that women with PCOS report. A chiropractic adjustment has been proven to boost your energy levels because if the spine is out of alignment, it’s not communicating correctly with the rest of the body. That result can be fatigue. By straightening out the spinal cord, those lines of communication open back up, giving you more energy naturally.

Also, PCOS has been linked with sleep apnea or periods during rest that you stop breathing for a short amount of time. Chiropractors can provide spinal adjustments for relaxation of the muscles and the promotion of proper breathing after an evaluation for sleep apnea has proven it is a problem. Soft tissue massage is also a natural way to alleviate this health condition.

Weight Loss

Women that have PCOS are more likely to gain weight due to the increase in male hormones that are present and insulin resistance. As a result, there is a higher risk for problems like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Losing just 10% of your body weight can help in bringing menstrual cycles back to normal. Other issues related to the syndrome can be alleviated as well.

While you aren’t going to drop that 10% by visiting a chiropractor, they can certainly help you in achieving your goals. When the spinal column is not aligned properly, the communication signals for metabolism and burning fat can be interrupted. Through manual manipulations, your chiropractor can put the spine back in line so that the communication can take place uninterrupted and your metabolism can go back to proper functioning. The treatment will make it easier for you to lose weight naturally.

Headaches and Mood Changes

The hormones that are believed to be affected through PCOS are:

  • Progesterone
  • Insulin
  • Androgens

Hormonal changes are often linked to headaches and mood changes. Medical doctors will frequently prescribe medications to treat these symptoms. The problem is, many of the pharmaceutical drugs that are given have unpleasant side effects or properties that make them addictive. The end result is a bigger problem than just dealing with the initial symptoms.

Through chiropractic adjustments, your body is restored back to a more relaxed and natural state of functioning and your hormone imbalance can be improved without having to take a medication for mood changes and headaches. As an added benefit, you will get relief from tension, aches, and pains throughout the rest of your body too.

Chiropractic care can improve nearly every aspect of your health. Look for a reputable chiropractor in your area and begin your journey wellness.


Dr. Brent Wells founded Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab in Anchorage, Alaska in 1998. Now, he has multiple chiropractic care centers across Alaska — in Anchorage, Juneau and Wasilla. He became passionate about being in the chiropractic field after his own experiences with hurried, unprofessional healthcare providers. The goal for Dr. Wells is to treat his patients with care and compassion while providing them with a better quality of life through his professional chiropractic treatment. He is a member of the American Chiropractic Association and the American Academy of Spine Physicians.

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