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PCOS Diva Product FAQ

Why are the supplements more expensive than others?

PCOS Diva supplements may cost more than your average drug store supplements, but in this case, you get what you pay for.  The components of the PCOS Diva products are the most pure and bioavailable (easier for your body to absorb) that you can find in a supplement.  They are consistent in quality and dosage because they are inspected (unlike drug store vitamins) by an independent third party laboratory.  Consider also that most of the average vitamin is flushed out of your body without being used because the nutrients are not bioavailable.  What are you paying for?  Compared to supplements of similar quality, the price is actually a little low.  For more detailed information, read my article, “Choosing the Right Supplement.”

Are the smoothie products and supplements vegetarian/vegan?

The Power Protein and Ultra DHA are not vegetarian. All other products are. The reason I didn’t go with a vegan protein powder is that this particular protein is 97% pure protein and very bioavailable. I’ve was previously using a brown rice protein, but I am more impressed with this protein’s nutritional profile, texture and flavor.

Are they available outside of the US?  I am sorry to say that none of the products are available outside of the United States, due to the difficulty of getting these products through customs.  You can use http://www.shipito.com/ for extra shipping fees.

Are they FDA Approved?

The FDA does not approve dietary supplements. I chose a top nutraceutical company (whose distribution channel is typically through doctors) to manufacture the PCOS Diva supplements and smoothie powders. They are top quality, professional-grade nutritional supplements, formulated and manufactured according to their “Science First” approach. The “Science First” philosophy is most evident in their commitment to the research and science behind product development — factors that are vital to the manufacture of a product that is superior in both quality and efficacy. Through their comprehensive approach and exceptionally high standards, we are able to ensure that our customers receive a consistently superior product every time they place an order.
Here are the manufacturing standards:

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) products are produced utilizing the highest standards of manufacturing. Each product is evaluated and monitored for quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Specifically, we guarantee that every nutritional supplement:

  • Contains only qualified, superior raw material
  • Meets required specifications for quality and purity
  • Is evaluated and monitored for potential contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and microbiological organisms (packaging is also monitored to ensure against contamination)
  • Is analyzed to confirm the quantity of all dietary ingredients, thereby ensuring the consistency and accuracy of our label claims
  • Manufactured at FDA inspected facilities with stringent internal quality control procedures and documentation systems that conform to one or more of these industry standards and/or certifications: NPA (Natural Products Association), NSF (National Sanitary Foundation), OTC (Over the Counter Drug GMPs), TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration), and the requirements of the FDA Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Are these organic/non-GMO?

Everything is non-GMO, and when I could, I used organics.  The Power Greens are organic. The protein is derived from pastured cows.

Why do I have to take so many of the multivitamins each day?

My multivitamin contains Albion chelated minerals which have a large molecular load (they take up a lot of space), so they require more capsules to fit it all in. These minerals are extremely bioavailable.

Does the smoothie Bundle come with instructions?

Watch my video on the Smoothie Bundle page. I show you how I make the smoothies and with what amounts of powders.

Can I use the Smoothie Bundle ingredients in baking, or would it ruin their effectiveness?

I often use the protein powder for baking pancakes, oatmeal, muffins and more to boost their nutritional value.

Why did you choose beef protein instead of pea protein?

I was seriously considering pea protein, but for many, pea can be hard to digest without extra digestive enzymes. Pea protein can have phytates, lectins and other anti-nutrients. You just can’t beat the fact that the complete protein in my Power Protein is 97% protein and is very easily digested and assimilated.  In addition, the extra collagen is good for skin and joint health.

What is hydroBEEF?

It is a highly concentrated, pure beef protein. HydroBEEF™ is produced through an exclusive hydrolysis and ultra-filtration process that enables the protein to be hydrolyzed or ‘split’ into a high concentration of functional peptides. Delivering protein in the form of peptides allows for easier absorption and assimilation. This proprietary process begins with beef sourced from pastured animals raised in Sweden, without hormones and free of any GMO grains, grasses, hay, and/or ensilage.

Why is the vitamin D paired with K1 instead of K2?

When I was making decisions on the nutrients in each formulation, I was considering price. The formula with K1 and K2 was extremely pricey. It was a higher dose of D3 and really meant for people who are extremely compromised. My Vitamin D provides a clinically useful dose of vitamin D3 and vitamin K in the form of K1.

Do I still need to take Inositol if I take the PCOS Diva Essential?

The 500mg of inositol contained in the multivitamin really isn’t enough. Most of the studies which showed benefit were done with 4g of inositol a day. Although I will say, since taking PCOS Diva Essentials, I have cut back to one packet of Ovasitol a day. Of course, you should consult your doctor.

Is the smoothie powder sweetened with sucralose or Splenda?

The Power Protein is sweetened with organic stevia.  There are no artificial flavors or sweeteners in PCOS Diva products.

How many smoothies do you recommend per day?

I suggest using the smoothie for one meal a day. I think it works well for breakfast. You want to get a variety of whole food, clean protein sources and lots of vegetables in your other meals.

What flavor is the smoothie mix?

The flavor is vanilla; it is not an artificial tasting vanilla, but has a subtle flavor. You can easily make it chocolaty by adding raw cacao.

I take Spironolactone.  Is the potassium in the multivitamin enough to interfere or cause complications?

No, studies show it should be fine.  As always, consult your doctor.

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  1. I do a fruit smoothie for breakfast can I put the green power in that. I do not like greens in my smoothie i dont like the texture of it.

    1. Absolutely. It is a quick and easy way to sneak in those crucial greens- I do!

  2. I am interesting in taking the Ovasitol but am in the middle of an IVF cycle prepping for FET. Would this have any adverse affect on the hormones I’m on?