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PCOS Diva Success Stories – Mandy

PCOS Diva Success Story – Mandy

I have the same backstory as most women with PCOS. I was insulin resistant, uneducated about PCOS, had unsympathetic doctors, kept gaining and gaining weight, and kept getting negative pregnancy tests.

We tried and failed five IUI treatments. All of our savings vanished. We eventually conceived naturally four times, but I could not carry them to term PCOS Diva praisedue to low progesterone.

My sister bought me your book (Healing PCOS) last year after I kept praising you and all your tips on the PCOS Diva website and Facebook page. WOW and thank you for all your time, hard work, research, and sharing your struggles.

Now, I am down 85 pounds, ovulating monthly, have controlled my blood pressure and blood sugar levels, took 90 points off my cholesterol, take no pharmaceutical prescriptions, only vitamins, and I have a new lease on life!-

I owe you my health and all of my gratitude. And again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!


*Used with permission

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