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PCOS Style Advice From The Refinery

you refinedIf you tend to gain weight in your middle section and struggle with what to wear, this article is for you!

Before we dive in, I want you to close your eyes and take a deep breath and name three parts of your body you love. Do you have beautiful shapely legs? A smile that knocks ‘em dead? Hands that would give any hand model a run for their money?

Here’s a secret, everyone has hard to dress parts… the women who have great style focus in on the areas that they love and dress for those.

These outfit combinations are exactly that. Outfits that will always look great on you and feel comfortable. Use these formulas to create plug ’n play outfits with what you already own or use them to do some really focused shopping.



Loose-fitting tunic + leggings {any fabric} + booties + stacked bracelets + earrings

The most important piece in this outfit is the tunic. Make sure it fits loosely without being baggy and skims down over your entire torso and pelvis area. Bonus points for a tunic that has detail at the bottom (like the beautiful lace on this one) or at the top around your face—details attract the eye so make sure the really eye-catching stuff is located around an area you want to bring attention.


Skinny jeans {jeggings ideally} + sleeveless blouse + drapey 3/4 sleeve blazer + funky flats + stud earrings + arm candy {layer watch and/or bracelets on one wrist}

Jeggings rock for your shape. The waistband is super stretchy—which equals comfort for you—and the legs are narrow enough that you won’t feel like the hip of your jeans are sagging. The 3/4 sleeve blazer and arm candy bring attention to your lovely wrists and hands, which is a great look on you.


Ruched dress + ankle strap shoes in your favorite color + chandelier or tear drop earrings in same color as shoes + pattern tights + clutch

A ruched dress is a beautiful choice especially if you want a form-fitting look through your torso. Choose a pair of shoes in your favourite colour and pull that colour with an earring, too. That way our eye will travel from your ears to your feet and back again, lengthening your entire body as it travels.


Patterned jersey pencil skirt + flowy solid-colored v-neck blouse + statement necklace + pumps + tote bag

You’re probably proportionally narrow in the hips and have great legs, so show those off with a patterned pencil skirt in a jersey material. With a statement necklace you’ll also be highlighting your beautiful smile and eyes—an uber confident look.


Elastic ankle pants + vneck fine-knit sweater + heeled ankle boots + hoop earrings + bracelet

Some women look awesome in that overall drapey look, but it can look like you’re swimming in clothing if you’re not careful. That’s why you’ll notice in the last fours outfits I paired a narrow bottom with a looser top. However, if narrow bottoms aren’t so much your thing you can give these pants a go. The elastic ankles are not only totally in style, they’re a great way to create balance to an overall loose silhouette.


What I really want for you is to feel as beautiful as you are.

I want your style to feel so easy that it becomes an afterthought in your day rather than the focus.

I hope these style formulas can give you a leg-up start to finding that kind of style.

Personal Style Coach Wendy Woods is fiercely committed to inspiring women to feel beautiful with incredible ease. A true expert in her field, Wendy is continuously called upon by worldwide media outlets including Vogue, BBC and Forbes. She is happiest working with beloved clients both online and in-person, and sharing weekly style advice (for free!).

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  1. Typically I read every PCOS Diva post and come away feeling inspired and ready to tackle head on the struggles that PCOS brings to every day. This one just made me feel worse about myself. I understand the basic idea, but you couldn’t find a single picture of clothing in anything bigger than a size 2? None of this would look even moderately the same on me as I struggle with weight in my mid section and back end. Skinny jeans? And how many of us who are overweight can wear heels on a regular basis? Given how important this particular topic is I was hoping for better. Yes we all have to deal with the big issues of health and wellness and controlling our PCOS. But getting dressed is something we have to do every single day and it’s a little thing that can add up quickly and chip away at your self esteem every single day.

    1. Amy, thank you for taking the time to comment on this article. I very much appreciate your feedback. I understand that getting dressed every day can be a reminder of every outward symptom of PCOS and can be frustrating and disheartening. I hope that you were able to find at least a couple of ideas that you can run with to accentuate your assets. I will keep your suggestion in mind as we move forward with pieces like this one.

  2. The leggings and skinny jeans with tunics are a staple in my closet this season. The only outfit pairing I disagree with is the ruched dress. There’s not enough spanx in the world to make that dress flattering on woman that carries her weight mainly in the abdominal area.