PCOS Success Story: Melissa - PCOS Diva
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PCOS Success Story: Melissa

Check out Melissa’s PCOS success story!

“I finally know how to take care of myself. Amy is incredible and she is saving lives. Her knowledge, accessibility, responsiveness, and kindness make her someone that help anyone with this condition.” – Melissa

Looking back, I now recognize that I’ve had this condition ever since I can remember. I really started noticing things in my teenage years, but I brushed them off as the normal hormonal changes that happen to girls my age. I was constantly tired and sleeping 12 – 13 hours a day was not unusual for me. If I didn’t get enough rest or enough to eat that day, my emotions were completely out of control. I would go from happy as can be, to raging mad, to crying in a matter of minutes. I hated myself for being that way and I didn’t like what I was doing to my family and friends. I had no way of understanding what was going on with me. I just thought that I was a selfish person and naturally overly dramatic. I thought that if I tried hard enough, if I prayed hard enough, if I believed hard enough, I would eventually get over this. It never happened.

When I moved out to go to college, I was of course excited to be focusing on what I loved, music, and making new friends. The excitement wore off quickly though and I started having those emotional roller coaster emotions again. And again, I thought I was just letting myself go and not being disciplined enough. I started exercising and “eating healthier” (aka. whole wheat, low fat yogurt, etc.) and it did help a little bit. However, I couldn’t sustain it and fell back into my old ways of fried foods, sweet treats, and pasta causing me to gain 50 pounds. I went through my entire undergrad with these symptoms and because of it, it took me 6 years to finish. All the while I kept beating myself up to be better. Other people were getting along just fine, what was my deal?

In 2007, I married my best friend and the man who I can say without a doubt saved my life. Our first few years were tough because of my symptoms and I gained yet another 50 pounds, 100 pounds total from my pre-college weight. 100 pounds gained in just 3 years (I married while still in college). I was miserable, my emotions were even worse (if that’s even possible), my menstrual cycles stopped, I had horrible acne, dark hair started growing on my chin and other places, constant digestive issues, a thick mental fog, and debilitating anxiety. I seriously began wondering if I was supposed to be born a man, that I was mentally ill and needed psychiatric care and medications. With that came a very dark depression and two attempted suicide attempts (thankfully I was stopped before I could actually hurt myself).

Finally, in 2010, I went to a doctor and I was officially diagnosed with PCOS. At first I was terrified because I had never heard of it and wasn’t exactly sure what that meant for me. After some thinking, I was so relieved to finally put a name to this monster and finally understanding that what I was going through truly wasn’t me. There was something wrong. I wasn’t a bad person. I think I might have cried every day for a week from relief of that knowledge. At first I was put on birth control and it did provide some relief because my symptoms were so severe. Even a synthetic hormone helped and I did lose some weight (maybe 10-15 pounds, which for someone at 270 isn’t a lot). I went about my life for a couple of years like this going on and off birth control and not really understanding what my body needed.

In the middle of me pursuing my Master’s degree (2011), I started doing some research on ways to really help me get a hold of this thing. Eventually, I came across a comment on a discussion board about Amy and PCOS Diva. Her natural approach was very attractive to me and I figured I had nothing to lose in trying her Discover Your PCOS Diva Jumpstart Program. Within two days of following her supplement recommendations, diet plan, and philosophy of extreme care, I was completely floored by how I felt. For the first time in my life, I finally felt like the real me was finally shining through!

Since the Jumpstart, I have lost 42 pounds, my cycles are back, my skin is clear, I’m mentally sharp, I’m no longer on birth control, and my emotions are in check. I am by no means perfect!  I finally know how to take care of myself. Amy is incredible and she is saving lives. Her knowledge, accessibility, responsiveness, and kindness make her someone that help anyone with this condition.  I am now pursuing my doctorate in music and I feel I can take on this incredibly stressful program and do well with it. Thank you so much Amy!!

– Melissa H.

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