PCOS Success Story: Nicole - PCOS Diva
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PCOS Success Story: Nicole

Nicole’s is one of my favorite PCOS success stories!

It is just within your reach, you just have to be brave enough to move forward and take the first step. I now see PCOS as a gift. It has given me the opportunity to learn how to take care of myself; body, mind and soul, and I am so much better for it. – Nicole

PCOS Diva Jumpstart - NicoleWhen I was 15, I was diagnosed with PCOS and was given the standard treatment from my doctor, which was the birth control pill. I really only understood at that age that I would have great difficulty having children, and my periods would be irregular. I really didn’t understand the whole picture of PCOS and its symptoms and future health risks.

When I was in my 30’s, I was ready to have a baby. My doctor had been hounding me to start trying for years, but the timing just wasn’t right. Again, I didn’t really understand the time urgency or the trials ahead for me. I was put on Metformin and found out a month later I was pregnant. I always assumed it was ALL the Metformin that helped the process, but looking back now I realize that it was my diet and lifestyle at the time that really played a part. My husband and I were following a high protein diet program and were working out 4 times a week. I was in good condition, but I still didn’t realize what the answer was to controlling my PCOS. I just wanted to look good, but was missing the feel good factor. So of course, like all yo-yo diets, I gained the weight back and began to feel worse and worse, as my weight went up and my food intake became more processed focused. I was tired all the time, unhappy and cranky and would take it out on my husband and son. I was depressed and while trying to conceive another baby, was failing and I just wanted to crawl into bed after dinner every night and escape.

When I hit my 40’s, my body started getting joint pain and I had the extreme `pleasure` of having my first real migraine. I started to put a pattern to my migraines, (after a heavy sugar and carb. intake). I started putting the pieces together; the food I was eating was making me sick. The light bulb went on! I knew there was a better way to take control of my PCOS and then I found Amy and PCOS Diva.


I joined the Discover Your PCOS Diva Jumpstart Program, as it deeply spoke to the desire in me to have peace and health in my body, mind and soul. The support and information has changed my life. The foods I eat now are whole and healthy and I actually crave veggies and do not have sugar cravings anymore. I have regular periods and no more heavy painful cycles. My blood sugars test at normal for the first time in my life and no more migraines! I also came to believe that we were meant to be a family of three and to embrace what I had and not dwell on what I didn’t. My mind became clear enough to appreciate and just live in the moment with my husband and son.

I have been a Diva for a year now and I feel healthy and alive. I actually WANT to go outside and run around with my 11 year old and my relationship took a huge shift. I finally believed in myself and can say for the first time in my life, I feel love and compassion for myself, which allowed me to believe that my husband loved me no matter what. This was a big one for me, because I realized that I had been living my life with the belief that I didn’t deserve to be loved; not by others or by myself. I feel strong and capable of my life and know that I have control over the whole big picture of PCOS now. I am no longer on any prescribed drugs and although my plan was to just feel healthy, I also dropped about 60lbs, (I didn’t obsess about the scale, so I am not sure of exact numbers). I do know for sure that I feel like a new person, and I am happy on the inside now rather than just faking it. I am forever grateful to Amy for all her support, information and inspiration, and I hope I can be an inspiration to other PCOS woman who feel hopeless.

It is just within your reach, you just have to be brave enough to move forward and take the first step. I now see PCOS as a gift. It has given me the opportunity to learn how to take care of myself; body, mind and soul and I am so much better for it. Thank You again to Amy and all the Amazing Divas who continue to inspire me to stay strong and PCOS DIVA ON!!!  – Nicole

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