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124 – End Your Emotional Eating

“When you have this fat in your body, you’ve tried everything, it doesn’t come off; you get desperate, you start having very desperate thoughts.”  -Tricia Nelson

“Emotional eaters are typically afraid of feelings. When we don’t have food in our belly, we tend to be more sensitive and more aware of what’s going on inside. It can be overwhelming, especially when we don’t feel worthy of feeling good.”

-Tricia Nelson

Let’s talk about emotional eating. You’ve tried everything to get your cravings under control. You manage your blood sugar. You take supplements like Berberine and Ovasitol. You are eating a clean, PCOS-friendly diet, and you’re still struggling with binge eating or compulsive overeating. If you’re really struggling with sugar cravings and having a hard time getting your eating under control, listen as I talk with Tricia Nelson, author of the book Heal Your Hunger. She has fantastic insight about the causes of emotional eating and offers practical strategies for getting it under control.

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