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132 – A PCOS Diva’s Guide to Choosing Wine

If most wine bottles had a contents label on them, they would look just like the rest of processed foods that you purchase. It would have a rectangular rather deep label of contents, most of which you couldn’t pronounce or would have any idea what they were even if they were safe or not. – Todd White, founder of Dry Farms Wine

Being a PCOS Diva is about creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that can help manage symptoms and heal your body long term. If somebody told me that I could never enjoy a glass of wine with a good meal or a special occasion, that just wouldn’t be sustainable for me. There must be room in the PCOS Diva lifestyle for an occasional mindful indulgence. So, when PCOS Divas ask me if it is ok to have a glass of wine, my answer is YES, in moderation of course, but we also must be PCOS Divas about the wine we drink. Listen in (or read the transcript) as Todd White, founder of Dry Farms Wine explains how to choose the healthiest possible wine and shares some of the commercial wine industry’s “dirty little secrets.”

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