182- Global Spotlight: PCOS Club India - PCOS Diva
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182- Global Spotlight: PCOS Club India

“Nutrition plays a significant role in managing PCOS. Research says that anywhere from 65 to 70 percent of individuals with PCOS are insulin resistant.”

With Over 10 years of struggling to manage her PCOS and being dependent on pills and being disappointed with the phrase that “lifestyle change is the only solution that can help” – Nidhi Singh took control of her health. With PCOS and periods being a taboo subject in India, she felt a dire need to normalize the conversation about PCOS. She realized the lived experiences could truly help women and can be a powerful tool to find reliable resources and build a trusted community.

PCOS Club India is now India’s largest PCOS-focused community.

Join us as we chat about the following:

  • The global perspective –  how different cultures play a role in PCOS inheritance & the genetic piece that is often overlooked
  • The lack of reproductive health options for Indian women
  • Ayurvedic solutions: eat for your dosha, gut healing, popular Indian herbs and spices

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Resources Mentioned:

PCOS Club India
Ayurveda and Healing PCOS
Ayurveda & PCOS: Balancing Vata

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