185- Myths and Facts about Vitex; what you need to know if you have PCOS - PCOS Diva
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185- Myths and Facts about Vitex; what you need to know if you have PCOS

“When I looked at the studies to try to find out how Vitex was raising LH, what I actually found was that it’s lowering LH. And I also had to get back to the bottom of the issue, which was a guinea pig study that was done in 1961 in Germany.”

Vitex, also called “chaste tree”, is a plant used in many herbal supplements for hormonal symptoms, including PCOS. There is a lot of conflicting information regarding Vitex in the PCOS community.

In today’s podcast, I speak with Jillian Bar-av, a Registered Herbalist and Licensed Nutritionist. We discuss the pros and cons of taking Vitex and where the confusion around taking Vitex for PCOS comes from.

Join us as we chat about the following:

  • Vitex effects on reproductive health
  • Myths about Vitex raising Luteinizing Hormone
  • What type of PCOS works best with Vitex
  • Herbs to help with stress and anxiety

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Jillian Bar-av is a Registered Herbalist and Licensed Nutritionist who works with busy women to help them have the energy to do what they love. She specializes in conditions that affect the reproductive system and urinary tract, such as PCOS and Interstitial Cystitis. Jillian believes it takes healthy people to create a healthy planet, and she wants to make a difference for both.

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