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19 – Herbal Supplements for Treating PCOS

The natural treatment of PCOS is a passion of mine. I am happy to share this passion with Dr. Lara Briden, a well respected naturopathic physician.  Dr. Briden is my “period guru.” Her new book, The Period Repair Manual, was on my list of vacation reading.  For every woman who has ever thought, “I will never have a regular period,” this interview is for you. In our 40 minute interview, she addressed many of the questions I get about herbal supplements for treating PCOS symptoms including insulin resistance, hirstuism and ovulation issues.

In our time together, she explained:

  • Why doesn’t the same herb work for all women with PCOS?
  • What herbs are best for different symptoms?
  • Is it safe to take herbs while you are taking fertility drugs, pregnant or breastfeeding?
  • What are the benefits and constraints of herbs  such as vitex, peony, licorice, spearmint, turmeric, saw palmetto, myo-inositol, berberine and more?
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