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25 – What French Women Know (and You Should Too)

French women are well known for their easy elegance and style.  What is their secret to making fabulous look simple?  Jamie Cat Callan has made a life’s study out of answering just that question.  I was inspired to interview her and learn more about the nuances behind French women’s “joie de vivre” after reading her latest book, “Bonjour Happiness.” The book is a serious, but light hearted guide to capturing the essence of living well.  The philosophy fits very well with the PCOS Diva mantra, “A Diva is Powerfully Positive.”

Listen to our conversation as we discuss

  • how self-love is the cornerstone of happiness and a positive life
  • how French women eat what they want without guilt
  • the French life-affirming philosophy and methodology around food
  • how finding your “secret garden” will better your life and the lives of those around you

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