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27 – Emotional Eating and How to Cope

Are you a stress eater?

A reward eater?

A comfort eater?

You’re not crazy. You’re not lazy. This is not about will power. There’s a reason why this destructive eating behavior is going on.

Women with PCOS are often told, “You need to lose weight and go on a low carb, ketogenic or paleo diet.” For a lot of us, the thoughts of going on a strict food plan leads to a sense of denial and a cycle of stress/emotional eating. Dr. Melissa McCreery is a well-known psychologist and author who can suggest some reasons for our eating habits and practical ways we can  avoid pit falls. Listen to my interview with her and learn:

  • How to live, eat well, and have the health that you want without feeling deprived, miserable and overwhelmed
  • The power of adopting a transformation mindset
  • What’s your why?
  • Is your overeating biological, emotional, a coping mechanism, or all of these?
  • Practical holiday eating tips
Felice Gersh

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