39- You, Your Partner and PCOS: a Fertility Puzzle - PCOS Diva
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39- You, Your Partner and PCOS: a Fertility Puzzle

I sat down with fertility expert, Bridgit Danner and asked her one key question.  “If a woman with PCOS who is trying to get pregnant has changed her diet and her lifestyle, has added some appropriate nutritional supplements and is seeing a fertility specialist, but she’s still having a hard time getting pregnant, what are some of the other factors that she should be thinking about and considering?” Listen in as she shares some fertility considerations and tips you may not have thought about including:

  • How does your age but also the age of your partner factor into fertility?
  • Does a partner’s stress, nutrition, supplements and lifestyle impact his fertility?
  • How can you best approach discussing fertility with your partner?
  • What role does your relationship with your partner and your own mindset play?

PCOS Podcast- PCOS and IVF

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