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46- PCOS & Acne: Tips From a Pro

Persistent acne is the bane of many women with PCOS.  If you believe the ads, there are countless magical products out there which will give you a perfect complexion in 30 days. “It’s pretty preposterous,” says master aesthetician, Valerie Tukey.  Val successfully treats many clients with PCOS and finds several common elements, particularly inflammation. Listen in to our conversation as she explains the expected and unexpected (pillowcases & toothpaste!) ways that your pores become clogged as well as:

  • How to find a knowledgeable aesthetician
  • Things that you can do to improve cystic acne
  • 3 supplements she recommends to her clients
  • Foods to avoid if you’re acne prone
  • Is coconut oil the best natural moisturizer alternative?

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