98 - Get On Track for the New Year - PCOS Diva
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98 – Get On Track for the New Year

Your 2019 mantra: “My health practitioners are absolutely important. They’re integral to my journey. But I’m at the head of this helm.” – Melissa Christie

Will 2019 be your year? Melissa Christie shares practical wisdom and tools to help make this the year you see real improvement in your positivity and PCOS symptoms. It’s all about planning, tracking, and being mindful. Make this the year you improve your relationship with your body. Listen in (or read the transcript) as we discuss:

  • Her unique PCOS journey
  • Tricks for managing bad habits & building sustainable positive ones
  • Harnessing the power of reflection with an End of Year assessment
  • The 2019 PCOS Day Planner designed to help women with PCOS manage, track, understand, and take ownership of their health

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