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Refreshingly Healthy Mocktails for “Dry January”

By   Vinu J Senthil, MD, CCDS, MPH

Sober holidays can be a real challenge for women with PCOS. For women, consuming alcohol not only worsens their PCOS symptoms, but also increases their breast cancer risk by up to 9% (from just one drink a day) and they are more likely to suffer alcohol-related brain damage than men. We often may feel like lonely and isolating or feel pressure getting intoxicated when you have friends and family toasting with cocktails or wine. The risk of relapse during the holiday season is drastically higher than the rest of the year. Apart from social pressure reasons, relapse in some people can trigger a craving for alcohol or drugs. It can be nearly impossible to avoid these triggers or cope with their cravings when they arise. Also, there are other reasons too; financial instability, strong emotions, or a mental illness or may be even withdrawal symptoms.

Well, some of us who cannot be sober might get feeling of sick and tired of booze by the time the holiday season starts to wind down in January. Also, as we start to welcome the new beginning in January, we are in dire need of holiday-forward inspiration.

Whatever the reasons, here’s the good news; so called Dry January has become a thing and dare we embrace that movement?

Sounds perfect, right? but how would you embrace the movement?
For those who feel so depressing to stay sober or overdid alcohol drinking this during holiday season, mocktail is a great way to celebrate the new year; especially during #DryJanuary. Well, there are plenty of reasons to experiment with mocktails outside of simply staying sober during #DryJanuary.

Remember, these non-alcoholic beverages don’t have to mean dull and lackluster gatherings though! Here are some top mocktail recipes to tantalize your taste buds and make sure you skip the morning headache.

Mocktails are non-alcoholic mixed drinks meant to replicate the presentation and complexity of craft cocktails. To make mocktails, we can mix combinations of sodas, juices, herbs, and syrups to create unique flavors.
A good mocktail not only tastes great, but it’s also crafted with as much care as a standard cocktail. Here are some attributes of a modern mocktail:
• Presented in a cocktail glass that complements the drink.
• Contains garnishes, rimming salt, or rimming sugar
• Blends multiple unique ingredients to create complex flavors
• Uses mixology methods for entertaining preparation

Let’s wow your friends and family with these original non-alcoholic recipes that can help with creating a new memorable, healthy post-holiday tradition.

Please be mindful of ingredients; smart carb fruits and PCOS friendly ingredients for your mixers for mocktails as you want to be stay on top of managing your symptoms.


This beautiful and delicious mocktail is great to impress your friends and family, can be best served in the form of a giant ice sphere, topped with ginger beer. It melts as you drink and never gets watered down.

4 oz. pomegranate juice
4 oz. mango juice
2 oz. fresh lemon juice
Ginger beer, topper
Pomegranate arils, garnish

In a pitcher or mixing glass, add the pomegranate, mango, and lemon juices. Stir to combine. Pour the juice mixture into sphere ice molds and until completely solid. To serve, place the frozen spheres into coupe glasses or wine glasses. Top with ginger beer and garnish with pomegranate arils.


Want to convince people that alcohol-free drinks can be as tasty and complex as cocktails. It gets the job done every time; they make for a sparkling refresher fit for any celebration.

0.5 oz. fresh lime juice
0.5 oz. simple syrup
1.5 oz. tonic water
1.5 oz. seltzer water
3 dashes aromatic bitters

In a glass filled with ice, add the lime juice and simple syrup. Stir to combine. Slowly stir in the tonic water and seltzer water. Top with the bitters and serve.



1 egg white (optional)
2 oz. freshly brewed green tea
0.75 oz. lemon juice
0.5 oz. pineapple juice
1 cup water
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup basil leaves
basil leaf, for garnish

Basil Syrup: In a medium saucepan over medium heat, add 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, and 1 cup basil leaves and bring to a low boil. Once boiling, turn down the heat and let simmer for 1 minute. Remove from the heat and let steep, covered, for 30 minutes. Using a strainer, strain the mixture into a resealable container. Store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

In a cocktail shaker, combine 1 oz. of the basil syrup, egg white (if using), green tea, lemon juice, pineapple juice, and ice. Shake until chilled. Strain into a coupe and garnish with a basil leaf.


You always liked Moscow Mule, but you don’t want any alcohol? Chamomule
mocktail is the perfect drink for you to try out.

• A handful of mint leaves
• One-fourth ounce of chamomile simple syrup
• One-fourth ounce of ginger simple syrup
• Two ounces of cranberry juice
• Ginger beer of your choice

First, muddle your mint in your mixing vessel of choice. Add your simple syrups, cranberry juice, and a handful of crushed ice. Shake well, transfer into your drinking vessel, and top with ginger beer.


For a refreshing classic with a bubbly twist, this recipe is the best deal.

• Juice of one lemon
• One-half teaspoon of simple syrup
• Ginger beer of your choice
• Lemon slices for garnish (optional)

Mix your lemon juice and your simple syrup in the drinking glass of your choice. You can also mix these together by shaking with a handful of crushed ice. Once your first two ingredients are mixed well enough, simply top with ginger beer and garnish with a slice or two of lemon.


Want something extra fruity, this is the perfect refreshing and sweet mocktail recipe for you. Here’s what you’ll need.

• Two strawberries, halved
• Two kiwi slices, halved
• One and a half ounces of green tea
• One ounce of strawberry-kiwi juice of your choice
• One-half ounce of lemon juice
• Dash of sugar

Combine all of your liquid ingredients and your sugar in your mixing vessel of choice. Add a handful of crushed ice and shake well. After you’ve mixed thoroughly, strain the contents of your shaker into a drinking glass over ice. Garnish with strawberry and kiwi slices.


This is a super easy mocktail.

• 5 cherries roughly chopped
• 1 lime quartered
• 6-8 mint leaves
• 1 cup sparkling water
• sweetener of your choice to taste, optional (see notes)

1. Place chopped cherries and lime in a glass. Add a little sweetener if using. Muddle together for about 1 minute. If you don’t have a muddle, use the back end of a wooden spoon. The idea is to get it small enough to fit though a straw.
2. Clap mint together in your hand to release the scent and add to the glass. Press gently with a muddler a few times.
3. Add ice and top with your choice of sparkling drink.
4. Garnish with lime wheels, mint and/or extra cherries

Leave your garnish fairly simple and opt for a few cherries and a sprig of mint. Add a lime wheel or some mint ice blocks. If you wanted to make it a little fancier, try some holly or anything else festive.
If you want to get a little more adventurous, try non-alcohol sparkling wine! It goes perfectly with the cherry flavoured drink. For a healthier option, try your favorite kombucha!


A delicious non-alcoholic espresso martini with only 3 ingredients. Just shake and serve.

• 1 oz espresso
• 1 oz sweetened condensed milk
• 2 oz skim milk
• 1 oz non alcoholic vodka optional

1. Place all ingredients in an ice-filled shaker and shake well. If you don’t have a cocktail shaker, a mason jar, or anything with a tight lid will work.
2. Pour into a martini glass and serve.


¼c loose tea or 12 Earl Grey teabags
Peel of one orange

• Steep tea and orange peel in 4 c boiling water
• Add sugar and stir until dissolved
• Add cold water and refrigerate until chilled
• Serve in mason jars and garnish with orange slices


• ¼ c fresh basil leaves
• 4 strawberries hulled
• 1 lemon, peeled and halved
• 4 strawberries, hulled
• 4 tbsp honey or agave
• 1/2c-1c ice cubes

Blend all ingredients together
Serve in mason jar and garnish with a sprig of basil


• Pink pop rocks
• 16oz ginger ale or 7up
• 4 tbsp grenadine

Add 4 tbsp grenadine to soda
Rim tall glass with pop rocks, poor in soda mixture
Garnish with maraschino cherry


• Sliced apples
• Strawberries
• Oranges
• Frozen grapes
• Sparkling grape juice

Mix all ingredients together and serve immediately
For more fruit flavor, substitute one part water for sparkling grape juice. Add all fruit to plain water and chill overnight. Add sparkling grape juice just before serving, mix well and enjoy!


• 3c Seltzer
• 1 c peach juice or nectar
• 1 c sparkling white grape juice

Blend all ingredients together
Garnish with slices of fresh peach


Pineapple juice- Canned pineapple juice is usually the easiest to find in the grocery store. You may also find pineapple juice in the bottled juice aisle. Try replacing the pineapple juice with frozen pineapple chunks to make a thicker drink.
Cream of coconut- Cream of coconut is much thicker and sweeter than coconut milk. It adds a lot of powerful coconut flavor to the recipe. Coco Lopez brand is really good but any canned coconut milk will work well. Be sure to shake the can before you open it to blend all the creamy coconut fat into the liquid.
Ice- Crushed ice makes the frozen drink thick and cold. Try frozen pineapple chunks in place of ice to make the drink just as cold and thick but with even more pineapple flavor.
Vanilla extract- Vanilla is a nice, extra touch that will make the drink a tiny bit sweeter and a little richer. This simple ingredient makes a traditional pina colada extra special. The extra depth that the vanilla adds really takes this drink to the next level.
Add a squeeze of lime juice to make it a little more acidic. Try a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make a milkshake version. Garnish your glass with either a pineapple wedge or a maraschino cherry.

–Once you have gathered these four ingredients a blender and you are ready to make a perfect pina colada.

Place all the ingredients in a powerful blender.
Blend the ingredients until very smooth and creamy. This can take a minute or longer depending on your blender.
Pour into glasses and enjoy while cold.

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