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Before completing the 7 Day Jumpstart Program I was frustrated and overwhelmed with what to eat and what not to eat. After years of reading health magazines and books and hearing conflicting information, I was ready for a change. I also found that I ate more fruits than vegetables, and I wanted to reverse that equation. Through the 7 Day Program, I am talking less about “diets” and feeling more in control around food. I learned clever ways to fit in more vegetables and my sweet tooth has eased up. I’ve been feeling so good about myself, and wanting to hold onto that feeling has kept me from justifying a bagel and cream cheese at breakfast because I know it’s just not worth it. My husband has even noticed that the panic that went into meal planning and preparation, especially when I was running low on time, is gone. If my work day runs late, I know that I can reach into my well-stocked kitchen for beans, broth, and pre-chopped veggies to quickly whip up a delicious soup – no need to run down to the local sub shop. As a result of this program, I’m owning my PCOS and treating my body accordingly. I understand which foods to avoid and I’m not feeling bad for myself that I can’t have them – feeling better is more important to me. I feel calm and in control around how to choose the best food for me. My stomach bloating is gone. I have more energy and am able to wake up in the morning with a sharp mind. I’ve lost 8 pounds over the past three weeks since starting Jumpstart. Several friends have commented that my skin looks great and my eyes are shining. My advice to any woman considering participating in this program who is overwhelmed by the conflicting messages about what to eat and how to eat is to jump in to Jumpstart with both feet. It lifts the veils and simplifies food so that you see things clearly, and learn how to use food to restore your body’s balance and feel good again.


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