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Before completing the 7 Day Jumpstart I felt tired. Bone-deep exhausted. All I wanted to do was nap, and I was afraid my antidepressant medication had stopped working. I had trouble remembering even simple things, and with Alzheimer’s running in my family, I was deeply worried. Since completing the program, I discovered what true, physical hunger feels like. I discovered that I had actually forgotten what it felt like to need food to energize myself, not comfort myself. What a scary idea! Now, even when that urge to eat junk hits, I can ask myself “What is really going on?” And I can trust my answer!

To anyone deciding if this program is worth the money: it is! Luckily, Amy offers the Jumpstart multiple times a year; it’s worth your health to save up for one of them. It’s amazing what you can learn in a week. This was my 2nd time through (first time I was focused only on getting pregnant; now I’ve got beautiful 14 month old twin girls). This second time I was focused on ME, on my life forward. I came into the week feeling exhausted–bone-deep, can’t move, exhausted. I was bloated, forgetful, unfocused, my skin and eyes dull. After a week of integrating the program into my life, I can honestly say I feel the change. My skin is brighter, my eyes clearer. I’m still tired (hello! mom of toddlers here) but I’m not exhausted. I definitely focus better, and my memory no longer feels fogged over. That’s in ONE week. But the only way this will work is if you’re ready to work the program. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. It’s not restriction, it’s refocusing. It’s learning a new way to live. And it’s NOT about perfection. It’s about changing habits over time. My whole family benefits from the changes I made in my own life. Even my husband looks less bloated; he’s not eating as much dairy or wheat now that I’ve drastically reduced the amount I serve. We’re all more energized and happier.

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