Angie - PCOS Diva
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I decided to participate in the Jumpstart Program because I was confused about what supplements to take and how much of them and when to take them. I was frustrated that my food was so plain and bland.  I found myself eating just a bunch of raw veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, oil and quinoa all the time. I also never really noticed how important yoga is and that having a plan for what to do during the day was just as important as what I was feeding my body to help with PCOS.

I believe that thanks to this Program my husband really appreciates and celebrates all my efforts and discipline. It has made our relationship stronger because he is my rock and hearing how proud he is of me has motivated me a lot.

If you are considering this Program now, my advice is to do it! It is such a great experience. You learn how to take care of yourself, body and soul. Amazing recipes are given, you learn about gratitude, what supplements to take and best of all you just find peace living with PCOS. Jumpstart Week is a blessing!

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