Audrey Jo - PCOS Diva
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Audrey Jo

I recently finished my six month program with Amy. I’m officially a PCOS Diva! Hiring Amy as my PCOS coach was life changing. I had been on all the medications, done everything the doctors had told me to do with no avail. I had given up all hope that I’d ever be able to get my PCOS under control or ever feel like I was going to be anything but PCOS. And worst off, my weight kept ever increasing even though I was at the gym consistently and thought I was eating healthy.

After six months of sessions my diet is on track, my cravings are under control, my mind is clear and while PCOS is a part of who I am it is NOT my identity. I truly know what it now means that my food choices are a lifestyle and not a crash diet. I’m actually losing weight and inches and am looking forward to my next doctor’s visit to check my blood work levels. Now that I’m on my own I’m fully confident that I can manage my PCOS. I recommend all Cysters to consider talking to Amy and doing her coaching sessions.

– Audrey Jo

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