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Before I started the PCOS Diva Health Coaching Program I was unhappy with my body and myself. I was constantly depressed, bloated and confused why after over a year of seeing a nutritionist, I was in an even worse place than I was before. I was desperate for anything to help me feel better, both physically and mentally. Within the first month of the program, I started to notice change…already! Because of Amy’s guidance, I found out that I needed to go gluten-free, and my life has been so much better since.

When I started the program I was so focused on losing weight, that I didn’t care how I lost it. However, throughout the program I was able to let go, stop measuring food and actually starting eating to heal my body. Since then I have lost weight, become less bloated and have so much more energy. Most importantly, I can finally look in the mirror and feel like the beautiful Diva I now know I am. I can’t thank Amy enough for truly transforming my life into the healthy and freeing life I was meant to live!

– Carissa

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