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Before the 7-Day Jumpstart, I wanted to make a commitment to focus on my PCOS and try to understand it better so that it is not always controlling me.  After discovering I had PCOS, I thought I knew why we were having problems getting pregnant and I assumed we could just go on Chlomid, get pregnant and the world would be happy again – SO NOT THE CASE!  Unfortunately, my doctor offered no advice about lifestyle changes, she only told me not to gain weight and gave me my prescription. A few months of trying and not seeing any results I started my own research on PCOS, I read books, online research and found that nutrition was the all important factor for PCOS. Then I discovered the PCOS Diva and felt like I found real answers for once from someone like me who had gone through it! The meal plans are fantastic, the Blog and research that Amy has done and shares with us is so phenomenal that I actually look forward to reading them every day. Its a complete lifestyle change and totally not a diet and Amy is there to help you through it all as well. At the completion of the Jumpstart program, I lost some weight, my energy level was a lot higher and my skin has cleared up! I think this is a great program and well worth it!


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