Katie - PCOS Diva
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For years I’ve known that I needed to make a change. I just didn’t know how, and it was too overwhelming to do on my own. I cried when I found the Jumpstart Program because I was so distressed by my PCOS symptoms, and was simply tired of being tired.┬áPart of me knew I needed to do this program. Part of me was overwhelmed by it all and wanted to back out. I kept trusting Amy through all the steps, and she never disappointed me! I am impressed with the scope of this program: it addresses all facets of life, not just controlling PCOS with diet. I come away from every exercise feeling inspired and uplifted and motivated to keep going. This is a well-organized program that is tried and tested, and I’m so glad I stuck with it!

Moving forward I know I now have the foundation and tools to integrate this new lifestyle. It’s no longer huge and intimidating. I can do this! I like how I feel and I want to keep feeling this way! This Program is more than just meal plans…this is about transforming your body, mind and soul. – Katie

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