Cindy - PCOS Diva
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Before I completed the 7 Day Jumpstart Program I was tired, cranky and felt frumpy. I was disappointed with myself and just plain sad. One thing I learned from Amy’s program is that I don’t need carbohydrates to have energy. Today, I have more energy and have been much more active. I am closer with my children because we are physically active together, whether it’s going for nightly walks or doing yard work together. I have enjoyed adapting and making my own meals and will be purchasing the Spring Meal Plan. All around I am a happier person as a result of the Jumpstart Program! My advice to anyone considering participating in this program is just do it as this is the best decision I have made regarding taking care of myself. At first I was hesitant due to the cost, but it is so worth it! I do not feel deprived at all…I am full and truly content. This isn’t a diet – it is a change of lifestyle that I am very grateful to have found. Thank you Amy!

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