Corrie Ann - PCOS Diva
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Corrie Ann

Wow, what a great investment and overall experience! I am a life purpose and holistic health/nutrition coach and I know what needs to be done to holistically manage PCOS, but stress and the busy-work in my life were making me feel tired and overwhelmed. That’s when the PCOS DIva’s Jumpstart Program entered the picture. I knew that it was a small investment that would return huge rewards. As a 45-year-old woman I am still childless but I’m on a mission to do whatever I can to make it happen naturally before it is too late. When I started the program I was stressed, tired, unfocused and unmotivated. Within two days my focus returned. By day four my energy was back (Woo Hoo!) and by the end of the week my stress level was zero. I was redirected to everything I learned about holistic self-care and it’s kept me on the right path. Not to mention the recipes are amazing! It’s now over a month since the program ended and I still plan meals every week to eliminate last minute stress, I journal and meditate daily, and unlike before, I am laser focused. I manage my PCOS, PCOS doesn’t manage me. Thank you Amy!

– Corrie Ann

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